Believe it or not, there is good stress and not so good stress. Sounds strange I know, if you are “suffering” from stress, I am sure you may find it difficult to see that there is possibly a good side to stress.

However let me explain. Good stress can be a motivator and a driver to achieve goals and tasks, and providing you know when to stop and how to manage that stress, it may serve you well. The key is knowing when is enough and when you become aware that you have reached that point, then the key is to manage it effectively.

In this Imagine Series video above Cas shares 3 quick tips how to manage stress. Simply by allowing yourself just 5 or 10 minutes per day to turn off and relax as she describes, this could possibly be the key for you to naturally reduce stress down to a productive and workable level for you.

Ways to reduce stress do not have to be difficult, time-consuming or complicated, in fact they can be simple. Bringing your thoughts into the now and being mindful of this moment for 5 minutes each day, focusing on self-care and what is around you, breathing and nature, turning off phones and televisions for awhile and just be.

We hope you enjoy these simple stress management techniques. This video combined with the strategies in the CaS Therapy Anger Iceberg video, offer some simple techniques, that work.

Next time you feel the not so helpful stress entering into your day, simply stop and practice these 3 simple steps to manage your stress and please come back and comment and let me know how it worked for you. Remember to practice the steps every day and after 21 days, see what you notice.

We hope you enjoy the Imagine Series, feel free to share the link with your friends and networks.



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