A little about Alec Halls

Life’s adventures have lead Alec to find his calling and vocation. He now takes deep professional satisfaction in the change he sees in his clients.

Alec came to Australia as a young 20-year-old, after finding long lost relatives, he worked and travelled for three years, finally choosing to settle in Melbourne. Since that decision, he has worked in the services, fabrication and transport industries and operated as franchisee in the Jim’s group. He is also the proud father of two fine young men. 

He came to this profession several years ago, when he found himself deep in grief and searching for a solution. Eventually resolving that issue with hypnotherapy and counselling, Alec was so impressed by the process that he changed direction and commenced his own education. Hypnotherapy came first, followed by Ego State Therapy and finally added Counselling to round off the other two powerful and effective therapeutic approaches.

Alec describes himself as being part of the solution; positive and optimistic, he assists clients on their personal journey – letting go of their past, making sense of their present and looking forward to a happier future. Working as an integrated therapist he is able to help you polish the many facets of your experience, creating peace in your conflict and bringing light into your shadows.

Alec is amiable and totally client focused, as part of your team he will work with you and help you become all that you wish to be. He believes that the client/therapist relationship is paramount to high-quality results. Feel free to give him a call, get to know him and then, make an appointment.

Cas and Heather welcome Alec to their therapeutic team at CaS Therapy in their exclusive therapy centre in Williamstown, right on the Esplanade overlooking Western Port Bay in Melbourne.

To book an appointment with Alec call the centre on (03) 9397 0010, or the centre mobile on 0428 655 270. We are available week days into the evening as well as all day on Saturdays. 

“Given the right tools and support, anything is possible!”

Mindfulness and Faster EFT Program

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Alec specialises in helping (particularly men) with anxiety, for more information on how Alec can help and assist guys with anxiety, head over to our page on “Help with Anxiety for Men” under the “Available Services” tab or just follow this “Help with Anxiety for Men” link. 
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