How Resource Therapy – Advanced Ego Therapy can help you Make Positive Changes in your Life

It’s not the load that breaks you; it’s the way that you carry it’

Life presents each one of us with challenges and problems. How we face upto to those problems is our choice. We enjoy the freedom of choice in every moment of our lives. During times of stress, worry or anxiety, most of us feel reluctant to ask for help. We don’t like to appear needy or incompetent. An increasing number of people live alone and grapple with struggles on their own. They dislike burdening others with their problems.

As children, we feel no embarrassment in asking for help when we need it. When we become adults, we no longer feel free to express our feelings and needs clearly. The bottling up of emotions makes adulthood a complex landscape to navigate at times. We react differently to stress situations and often feel a sense of conflict within ourselves. This internal conflict leads to fragmentation, dissatisfaction and loneliness.
However, no-one has to go through life’s difficult transition points alone. Although you may initially feel vulnerable, you will feel much better when you share your problems with others. Professional therapy involves providing an empowering and non-judgemental environment to promote healing. Ego State Therapy is a healing modality that has been used successfully by practitioners for more than 25 years.
Resource therapy helps you tap into the inner resilience and strength that each one of has is already endowed with. This is a therapeutic treatment that aims to help you develop coping skills within a social inclusion framework. You learn to make positive choices and also understand that we have to take full responsibility for those choices. Resource therapy is an advanced form of ego state therapy where the practitioner treats the ego state that is experiencing a state of disharmony.

Moreover, resource therapy practitioners make it a point to promote group interactions. Interacting within a group helps facilitate inter-dependence and support. Resource therapy sessions are often conducted at individual homes, community centres and rehabilitation venues. Asking for assistance at helps you become your highest self and promotes healthy living initiatives. It’s important to realise that change starts within us and we have to take full responsibility for our well-being.

We experience a host of confusing emotions when one or more of our ego states experience negativity. When this internal conflict remains unresolved, the problem recurs time and again and we tend to withdraw into a shell. It’s at this point that resource therapy – advanced ego state therapy comes in useful. Counselling can help you release unwanted habits and behaviour patterns and help you develop improved coping skills.

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