After the Treatment


After the therapy treatment you will look at food very differently, you will choose carefully and enjoy what you will be eating and of course it will be a much healthier choice, in much smaller portions. Your relationship with food will change. You will be able to understand the purpose of food and how that purpose affects your life. We can’t live without food or water so food becomes a necessity. We need to eat to refuel our bodies so that we can effectively function as a human being. However eating only enough that the body requires is the key to maintaining a healthy weight that is right for you.

You must of course realise this is not a magical cure, we do not have a magical wand, or posses any type of super natural powers, we are solely trained to guide you through the process of retraining your own thought patterns through the use of Hypnotherapy and other behaviour modification therapies, programs and systems to negotiate and encourage your subconscious into making healthier choices for you. See your subconscious is actually on your side and is very much their to protect you and do the right thing by you, so it currently believes that what it is doing for you is the right thing to do for you at that time, so we just have to get it to see things from another angle, which is a healthier choice for you.

One thing we ask is, for a little patience. YES, Patience!


Because, you didn’t just wake up one morning, look in the mirror and see you were one or two hundred pounds overweight now did you?


It surely took time to put all that weight on, so you need to allow some time for it to disappear too.


During the weeks that follow the initial treatment you will be in contact with therapists on many occasions to report your progress, so as you can be closely monitored and guided through the post treatment steps. Three weeks after the initial treatment, clients are requested and encouraged to return for a follow up treatment to make any adjustments and answer any questions they may have and then again six weeks later, so your progress can be monitored and ideally we would like to see you again 3 months later and then 3 months after that, if required, although these visits are always best in person, we understand that many people travel for such treatment and as such we can prepare you for and then conduct these session by telephone, or online video connection.


Will It Work >>>


Does It, Will It, Can It, work for you? Is a fair question and as with all treatments and therapies should always be asked. The answer is Yes it does, and yes it can, will it work for you? I can not guarantee that, just as a surgeon can not guarantee that the real surgery will successfully help you lose weight, however CaS Therapy will arm you with all the right tools in preparation for a successful, Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy procedure.

The Weight Loss industry is huge, so whether it be Diet, Surgery, Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy or some other form of weight loss, there is going to be a considerable investment, of time, money, energy and effort involved, and if you choose not to take action, there is still likely to be a cost, of time (off your likely life span), cost of additional food and health costs to cover such ailments as diabetes and other weight related illnesses and lack of energy and enthusiasm, so pardon the pun, but YOU really need to WEIGH IT UP, and choose which ever one is right for you.

We have seen many people change their lives after therapy and we firmly believe and have many people who will testify to the changes that Hypnotherapy and the combination of other therapies have made to their lives, not only with weight loss, but with the decision to give up a life long habit of smoking, a renewed confidence, overcoming of anxiety, stress and grief, as well as resetting the sleeping blueprint to overcome insomnia and many more, in fact there is hardly an ailment that Hypnotherapy has not been reported to have been assistance.


Do a search on Google and find some results for yourself, you will find examples of people undergoing surgery without anaesthetic, women having babies without drugs or pain, history has proven time and time again that one should never under estimate the Power of the Mind.

With the aid of Conscious and Subconscious (CaS) Therapy, we can arm your mind with the tools it needs to tackle and concur any task it so desires. We are constantly improving and introducing new procedures as consistently test and measure and strive to improve and empower the client’s subconscious mind.


Cas herself is living proof of the Power of the Mind and the Subconscious Mind, in many areas of her life including Weight and Self Hypnosis.


As a part of the therapy, we ask if clients would be willing to have before and after photographs and share their stories and this is good for their own vision and progress reports too.


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