Calm Your Pooch and Reduce Your Own Stress Level

Stress is a way of life for some people either because of work responsibilities or business requirements. Family and social life often suffer because of work place stress that is why it is a must for everyone to have a means of relaxation or a way to reduce stress significantly. One way to do this is to own a pet! Some may not agree to this, but for people who are natural animal lovers, having a pet at home can effectively reduce stress levels.

There is, however, a cause for concern that is if the pet itself is the one stressed. Can it affect the owner as well? Chances are both the pet and the owner may mimic each other’s stress level. Therefore, it is also true that if a pet is calm and peaceful it can also keep the stress of the owner down to a low level.

An effective way to reduce stress level of pets is to let them listen to a hypnotherapy pet Cd that is designed to provide calmness through hypnosis. This is accomplished by letting the pet hear the beautiful soothing music that is uniquely chosen for animals. It also includes variation of voice works and different vibration streams to help the pet to calm down. It is recommended that the pet listens to the hypnotherapy Cd for three consecutive nights for the next three weeks.

There are many ways that a pet can help its owner in stress reduction activities.

Improves Mood

– Several studies support that pets have a mood-enhancing effect to its owners. These are associated with the mutual caring instinct of humans and animals, so every time those pair of cute little eyes or fury body touches an owner it stimulates positive emotions that lightens up the mood.

Encourages Exercise

– Pets need exercise like walking and running, so when a pet owner brings them for a walk the owner himself spends as much time for physical activity. This improves blood circulation, serves as a way of relaxation, promotes overall health and reduces stress.

Controls Blood Pressure

– Fluctuations in the blood pressure are usually associated with stress and tension especially at work. So when a pet owner reaches home the pet can sense this that is why it immediately cuddles up at its owner. This action from a pet has a calming effect that relaxes the muscles and reduces the tension, therefore stabilizes the blood pressure.

Prevents Depression Syndrome

– Pets especially dogs are considered loyal to their owner, which is a good source of acceptance and love. Pets can provide constant unconditional love and companionship that decreases the incidence of a pet owner in having depression syndromes. Pets are always there to provide a listening ear, physical assurance and genuine affection.

Enhances Social Relationships

– Pet owners who walk to the park can meet other people and share the same interests with them. Pets provide an easy way to initiate a conversation because an owner is assured that if another person also has a pet they already have something in common. Pets provide a lot of opportunities to meet new friends and acquaintances, therefore improving social relationships.

This numerous benefits of owning a pet is one good reason why a pet owner should keep in mind that a pet should not be stressed because it will also affect his own mood. One of the best ways to ensure that pets are not stressed is to have they listen to hypnotherapy Cds. In fact, both owner and pet can listen together and share the same relaxing and peaceful experience.

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