There are many different stages of ‘Change’ which may feel indifferent and perhaps unusual. That’s okay, it’s all part of the transition process. Just remember ‘change sometimes becomes fearful’ as we explore the unknown of both the conscious and the unconscious. Sometimes we need to focus on our own instincts and what actually drives us to where we choose to be our lives today.

Trust thyself’    We welcome ‘Change’ as our best friend’
Now let us talk about you! Have you ever been asked this Question either by your family, friends or even by yourself? “What do I want to change in my life?” Sometimes we muddle our way through each day, sweating great tears, emotions and stressors hoping for some type of recognition or a sense of purpose and / or achievement and for What? and from Whom? One might ask. We gradually come to a time in our life whether it be sooner or later when we do actually ask, “What do I want to change in your life?” which then rolls into the secondary question and “How did I get here?”.
Spend some time in the next 24 hours writing your answers down. Be as honest as you can and try not to leave anything out, include both negative and positive findings. Now, upon completion of that task, “What have you learnt”? If you are truly happy with everything in your life then ‘self checking’ of current status is always a helpful task which simply gives you a great sense of validation. If you are not truly happy in your life then our new found friend ‘Change’ is entering your space, upon invite of course.
Remember the old Saying I am sure you have heard this from many different sources ‘If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to achieve the same results’, something has to change in your life ‘NOW” in order to grow and develop into the person you truly desire. Sometimes seeking assistance can be most empowering and can bring about the change you seek.
Living each day as you dreamt it to be can be most satisfying and rewarding. Take the courage to search for meaning in your life ‘TODAY” Invite ‘CHANGE’.


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