Crave for Chocolate? 


Hypnosis to Help with Chocolate CravingsTo crave means to have an intense desire for something and in the case of chocolate it means a strong liking or obsession for it, and in excessive amounts. The interesting question to ask is why people crave for chocolate? Chocolate works like a drug in the body that is why like medicine, chocolate can also be very addictive. For this reason also, craving for chocolate is associated with problems in weight gain.

Chocolate being able to evoke similar drug related pharmacologic effects and behaviour patterns has a high potential to be very addictive.  To add to these characteristics that make people crave for chocolate are the hedonic pleasures it gives from its sweet taste, smooth texture and inviting aroma. The pleasure that it gives makes it the primary factor why people crave for chocolate and in some instances become addictive.
In addition to the hedonic pleasures that chocolate gives it is also closely associated with positive behaviour, mood and emotion changes. These behavioural changes are an effect of chocolate’s components such as biogenic amines, cannabinoids and methylxanthines that give the brain the boost it needs to create the positive feeling and emotion.
These brain effects come from the stimulation of dopamine and serotonin as an effect of chocolate consumption. Dopamine and serotonin are considered as “happy hormones.” These hormones tend to fluctuate especially among women as an effect of the hormonal changes associated with the menstrual cycle. This explains why during the pre-menstrual period women crave for chocolate to counter the mild depression syndrome effects of the hormonal changes.
People who crave for chocolate find this boost an extra source and means of relaxation or positive sensory stimulation. These psychopharmacologic effects are real that is why chocolate craving can potentially result to chocolate addiction and weight gain problems.
Since, chocolate craving has the potential to cause more serious health problems such as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, excessive weight gain and serious behaviour conditions such as obsessive chocolate craving or chocolate addiction, hypnotherapists suggest early detection and treatment.
Hypnotherapists can help the chocolate craving and it can be controlled through hypnosis. Hypnosis for weight loss is the method of altering the state of consciousness to positively re-channel the pleasure centres to more acceptable and positive means such as exercise and other relaxation techniques. Hypnotherapy works by allowing the individual to consciously decide to control the chocolate craving.
A hypnotherapist conducts hypnotherapy as a series of treatment sessions until the desired outcome is achieved. (Which for a Chocolate Craving is usually only one or two sessions) It is done through the process of hypnosis. Hypnosis for weight loss allows the hypnotherapist and the individual to access the subconscious pleasure centres of the latter. Then both the hypnotherapist and individual will work together to disassociate chocolate craving from feelings and emotions; hunger and appetite pleasure centres.
To disassociate means that an individual will gain conscious control of eating chocolate only in acceptable amounts. It will allow the individual to control the chocolate craving because the pleasure centres will be trained to focus on healthier and productive means of relaxation and satisfaction.
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