Why You Need To Consult a Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis has gained a lot of popularity these days. It is a natural, effective technique of accessing the human subconscious mind – which is the key to the unleashing of our individual potential, making it possible to change habits and behaviours that are unwanted, and finding solutions to our concerns and problems. Studies show that subconscious mind can be a source of human problems, and other problems with self image.

All our behaviours, habits and beliefs are stored in our minds as information. Subconscious mind also acts as reservoir of the individual unrecognized knowledge and strengths. If you are suffering from a condition which has adversely affected your mind, health or life, you should consult a clinical hypnotherapist. Simply put, hypnosis refers to altered consciousness state.  Clinical hypnotherapy or clinical hypnosis refers to the use of altered consciousness state for therapeutic purpose.  The meaning of this is that people get healed in hypnosis, but do not get healed with hypnosis. Thus, a clinical hypnotherapist uses altered consciousness for therapeutic purposes.

All the hypnotic states have a characteristic of tremendously pleasant relaxation state, which individuals enter in to so that the beneficial, desired suggestions can be directly given to their subconscious mind.  Under hypnotherapy, the rational, conscious brain part is bypassed temporarily, making the mind’s subconscious part which influences physical and mental functions, to be receptive to the therapy.

Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist Melbourne

During trance state there is likelihood of heightened concentration for particular purpose of potential maximisation, changing the behaviours and beliefs which are limiting, and gaining wisdom and insight. Although hypnotherapy melbourne can be deep, medium, or light, medium trance is typically used during the time in which heartbeat, breathing, and metabolism slow down then the brain stimulates the production of alpha waves.

Normal consciousness states such as being awake, dreaming and sleeping can be detected in the patterns of waves which the brain produces. Hypnosis state differs from all these three states. The brain waves that are associated with receptive, quiet states are known as alpha waves. In the alpha state, the body relaxes gradually.

Examples of alpha body states include day dreaming, meditation, hypnosis, driving all the way until you arrive at your home, workplace, or any other place without recalling the landmarks on the way, being absorbed in a book, television, or music.  Trance state is thus a natural phenomenon.  The clinical hypnosis which is practised by qualified clinical hypnotherapist is completely safe.

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