Day Dreaming


Research over the years has show that we all have the inclination to daydream every day on an average of 80-120 minutes a day. When people day dream their mind goes into an altered state of consciousness, just slightly and gently even though you are awake. You are truly awake yet feel like you are in a different space. A space that feels disconnected to the reality of the world you may be in at the time in a superior way. Remember as a child we would play and make believe that the world was a different place perhaps filled with fairies and heroes. As we grow up we tend to loose such fantasies because it’s often deemed as childlike. So we use a day dream to visit that fantasy world and enjoy the moments in time in a natural and empowering way. Often we love that moment of peace and fantasy , so much so, when the time to come back to reality is called the mind can have a sense of resistance. Hypnotherapy can help you develop the art of daydreaming into something active and profound that can help you relax and bring calmness both to the mind and the body.


Active Lucid Dreams


I want to talk to you also about Lucid dreams. We all have them and experience something different from each and every one. You may be in a dream enjoying every moment or not then realising that you are dreaming whilst you are in the dream. The experience can feel very strange and become a shock to the dreamer. When this process happens the body and mind naturally wake up and take themselves out of that experience even if they didn’t want to at the time. Some dreamers have refined this process and developed the ability to actually remain in that lucid dream. This is a wonderful skill to learn if you are interested in what you can do within those dreams. When you have mastered such a skill which can easily be accomplished with your therapist you can become actively involved in your dreams, controlling and making decisions bringing about changes and improving your general well being. You can even work the dream to help solve problems. Recently I assisted a young girl to work her dream to find something near and dear to her that she had lost many years ago. The dream took an interesting turn when she was able to retrace her steps in a safe and secure manner without being persuaded to wake up. The power of the mind is one that creates the thought !!!

Exciting yet empowering.

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