Most of us will need help at one point in our lives simply because of the fact that nobody is immune from emotion. Just because you are seeking some counselling that does not mean you are mentally unstable. In fact, it is quite the opposite, because you are aware that you have some issues and that you want to remedy, then some help from a reputable counselling service can assist and accelerate the process.

There are various specialties when it comes to seeking a psychological treatment. However, the focus of these services or treatments is to help people with regards to social, emotional, health, vocational, and developmental concerns. The scope of this field is to wide that at the best we can do is to only define the most common services requested by our many clients.

Anxiety Counselling

This field alone covers a lot of topics or concerns, the ones that spring to mind instantly is: phobias, anger management, sleeping difficulties and the ability to relax. These often concern people who fall into the working category and because they are suffering from these conditions, there are times that they struggle to perform their jobs effectively. The result could then be the loss of jobs, and therefore, their livelihoods being gravely affected. While we are unable to help them perform well at work as such, we can help, guide and assist them with their problems and therefore possibly avoid the loss of their jobs or at least improve their relationships with other people, including work colleagues and bosses. The underlying issues that are causing the conditions need to be treated and addressed, to allow the person to move forward into the future, without carrying the burdens of the past with them.


Grief Counselling

Many of us have experienced losing someone close to us, however for some people, the grief that they are feeling just takes too long to mellow down. It can be very difficult to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, however it is something that we will need to live with at some stage.

Difficult as that may sound, the reality is at some time we are all going to pass, and when that time comes, for those who are left behind, we do still need to alive on until it is our time. Some people may need help and may find counselling services to be of substantial benefit, so they can discover how to better cope with their grief and emotions. Especially if you think you have no one else to confide your feelings to, you may need the help of a counselor who is professionally trained to assist with grief and loss and whom you can confidently confide your emotions and who can help you better manage your grief.

Habit Control

Every one of us has his or her own set of habits. Perhaps we cannot live properly without having one, however the thing is not all habits are good or constructive. Some of our patterns and habits can be quit destructive. These habits and patterns are the kind that would certainly be in your best interests to seek some help for, with the outlook to change and alter them to more helpful behaviours. Most of our habits are learned, we did not grow up to be who we are all by ourselves, we were influenced by others around us, that may have been, our parents teachers, siblings or others in our lives. Changing these habits are often seen or believed to be hard, however with the help and guidance of a professional counselor to help you discover what is right for you, you may well be surprised at just how easy it can be to change. An experienced therapist can help you redirect the unhelpful influences in your life and help you to transform your unhelpful habits into good and productive ones. Some of these habits include nail biting, drinking too much alcohol or even soft drink for that matter, smoking, gambling and numerous other addictions and habits.

General Issues

There is some psychological issues that are very common amongst all of us and these are: work-life balance, self-esteem, confidence, and pain management, to name but a few. These are mostly for our self-improvement and self-development as a person and as well as our relationships with other people. For most people, these are the counselling services that they are familiar with, the help of a counsellor, will have you looking at being able to better accept who you are and you are likely to have a better and clearer outlook in life.

Counselling is not just asking questions, however it is that in a very skilled way also, counselling is knowing and being trained in a range of therapies, such as Narrative, CBT, Ego State Therapy, Resource Therapy, Reality Therapy, Choice Theory, Gestalt Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Drawing Therapy, and the list continues, with each having their specialties as well, such as AOD, Relationships, Grief and Loss, Gambling, Violence, Mental Health and again the list goes on. We share with you this information, so as you are able to interview your therapist prior to making an appointment, to ensure they are qualified and able to service your needs.

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