Hypnotherapist in Melbourne Explains How to Develop Self Esteem through Hypnosis

A lot of people who often say “I cannot do it,” “I am not good enough for him,” or “I do not think I can complete the task” are verbalizations from people with lack of self-esteem, self confidence or self-worth. It is often a result of inappropriate fear that takes its root from way back a person’s childhood.

Fear is a result of a series of events in childhood that account to teasing, calling names, yelling, rejection, lack of appreciation and many other negative experiences that have built up over time.  Hypnotherapy is a method used by hypnotherapists to work with a client in going back to the childhood events and allowing them to resurface, so the client can work at eliminating the negative thoughts it has accumulated in the subconscious mind. This process of hypnosis will allow the client to effectively let go of the things that are creating the negative thoughts that are manifesting as poor sense of self or self worth.

Besides fear, another factor that causes low self confidence is the sense of panic; this results from lack of belief in one’s ability to accomplish something. The most important role of hypnotherapy in improving self confidence is to relax the mind to make appropriate and correct decisions in life. This is because people who tend to be panicky become out of focus that make their judgments faulty. To prevent panic attacks a client undergoes hypnosis to practice relaxation of the mind.

Relaxation methods used are deep breathing exercises and saying positive reinforcements on a daily basis. Doing these techniques will calm the mind making it tranquil and composed to make the right decisions. Positive reinforcements on the other hand, are accomplished through positive thinking exercises like saying simple sentences like “I can do it!”

Other methods that can be used by a hypnotherapist to work with the client include creative visualization of positive thoughts and images of oneself, suggestion therapy and brain training games.


Hypnosis works by building self worth in a client through assessment of strengths and talents that can be emphasized through positive thinking and suggestion therapy. Suggestion therapy can be done by working with a hypnotherapist or simply listen to hypnotherapy CD’s.

Positive reinforcement can be done by the client through rehearsing in one’s mind one’s strengths and talents and though constant repetition of the words “I can do it!” These activities and hypnotic exercises must be done daily because a lot of stress from the work place, school environment, family or social relationships can pull down a person’s self-esteem, so to prevent this from happening brain training exercises are necessary.

A lot of positive outcomes will come out of the hypnotherapy sessions and through internalization of the positive thoughts used in hypnosis. People react to hypnosis differently; some may have positive results immediately, but some clients may require more time before positive outcomes can be seen. The most important things to do include believing in oneself and the thought that hypnotherapy will work!

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