Resource Therapy or Ego State Therapy can help you Release Pain

Do you find yourself depressed or frustrated? Are you harbouring latent emotional pain that’s holding you back from living the life of your dreams?

Each person has their unique set of hopes, ambitions, fears and worries.

The human personality is much more complex than we realize. We are all a blend of different ‘states’; these states together make up who we are as a person. No one person can be just happy or just sad or angry all the time. The human personality is a combination of various facets and sometimes one facet dominates the rest. We find ourselves often saying ‘A part of me wants to _______________’; this is ego states or as Gordon Emmerson refers to them in his latest book “Resource States” that we’re referring to.

Resource Therapy (RT) and Ego State Therapy (EST) treats mental and emotional issues by addressing the state that appears to harboring hidden pain. An Ego State Therapist treats the part of you that is storing emotional baggage. Once the source and cause of the pain is resolved, your ego state lets go of the emotional baggage and regains equilibrium.

How are Resource States related to the way we feel?

Ego State Therapy works on the premise that each ego state has its own set of traits including logic, emotion and sensation. When all our ego states are in harmony, we feel at peace. If there is any conflict between ego states, this is when you begin to experience internal struggle. The hidden conflict expresses itself through negative emotions including irritability, frustration and anger.

Managing your ego states productively can help you lead a fulfilling and enriching life. The different resource states make you the person you are and it’s important to know when something is amiss. A therapist can help you access the ego state that appears to be in a state of conflict. Resource statesare formed out of our own unique experiences, feelings and thoughts.

Most of us show repetitive behavior when faced with unpleasant situations or challenges. These repetitive behaviors tend to get programmed into the ego states as patterns. Behavior and thought patterns can be unhelpful. Unhelpful behavior patterns tend to throw a resource state out of sync and lead to unresolved emotional issues.

If you have been feeling down, stressed or anxious over a prolonged period, please feel free to call our center to see how resource therapy can be of assistance to you. You will gain a better personal perspective and will be able to identify behaviorists or patterns that are causing emotional conflict.

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