Are you under the impression that smoking helps you calm down in a stressful situation?

Research indicates that smoking can inflate stress levels instead of calming you down. Regular smokers who have tried to quit often report that they feel tense, moody and irritable. But this set of negative emotions is referred to as ‘withdrawal symptoms’. Withdrawal symptoms occur because your brain and body is unable to cope without its daily ‘fix’ of nicotine. It’s exactly this property that makes smoking an addiction.

Once you experience withdrawal symptoms, you reach for a cigarette to feel ‘normal’ again. Quitting for good helps you break out of this vicious cycle. Our minds work on internal cues that have been programmed with repeated thought and behaviour patterns. You may have started smoking because you were unable to manage stress so your mind automatically links smoking to stress.

 Hypnosis can aid Smoking Cessation

In many workplace environments, workers take a ‘smoke break’ so our mind may automatically link the idea of a ‘break’ with a ‘smoke’. Such powerful subconscious associations are deeply buried and drive our behaviour and emotions. Smokers end up perceiving smoking as a stress coping mechanism while in reality smoking is responsible for aggravating stress levels.

Hypnosis helps you relax and access your innermost beliefs and attitudes. Your therapist is then able to help you understand your basic motivations and she then helps you reinvent your mental associations. For example, ‘Every time I feel stressed, I smoke’ may be replaced by ‘Every time I feel stressed, I meditate’. Hypnosis makes it easy for the therapist to plant positive affirmations and redirect thought patterns.

However, it’s important to mention here that for hypnosis to be effective, you should nurture a sincere desire to quit smoking. This helps maximise the benefits from smoking hypnosis at  Contrary to popular belief, a subject cannot be hypnotised and made to do things against their will. Your inner wishes and thoughts eventually help you heal from addiction. The therapist helps you help yourself.

Hypnosis can not only help you quit smoking but can also help you sustain your abstinence. The most difficult part about quitting is often resisting the impulse during later weeks. Hypnosis helps you reorient your mental associations so you no longer crave for a smoke during stressful life events.



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