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Deep Sense of Calmness and Peacefulness


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If you are interested in bringing about peace and tranquility for your dog then this is going to be the most important message you ever read.


Calm Your Pooch is Hypnotherapy CD that has been carefully and extensively research and is designed to invite a sense of deep calmness and peacefulness, that focuses on reducing your pets anxiety levels.


Our_Dog_SchatzIf your pet has been experiencing stressors and / or loneliness or is generally a worrier, then this recording can change the life of both you and your pet.


The carefully researched and beautiful music has been selected especially for its premeditative qualities for animals, coupled with the unique hypnotic voice that work to integrate evenly creating a stream of vibrations which submerge through the owner to the pet, reaching the subconscious mind of both the animal and the human.


To experience the full effect of this amazing CD I highly recommend that you listen both together with you pet over three consecutive days, each week for three weeks before playing the CD when your pets are home alone.


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Imagine being able to walk out the door without the torture or guilt of leaving your dog home all on their own, because you just know they hate it

What if you could just come in the door with ease and just have your pet happy to see you, instead of them almost knocking you off your feet and then panicking every time you head for the door again.

Playing this recording as instructed has bought about change for not only the pet but also the owners have benefited as an added bonus.

Do you consider your dog a member of your family?

Do you love your dog?

Do you honestly believe that your dog loves you?

cdcomboWell if you answered yes to any of those, and considering you are on this page and still reading, I suspect you did, then I totally understand that you want only the best for your furry family member and will go to any lengths to do and get the right help for them.

You see this CD was developed because of one of the dogs in my very own extended family was suffering from anxiety whenever he was left alone at home.

So being very much a pet and in fact animal lover in general, and a qualified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, I began to research the possibilities of creating a CD especially for pets that talks to them on a subconscious level just as I can with people who suffer from anxiety, or wish to live a healthier life by getting to a healthy body weight, quit smoking, relax or whatever they come to see me for that they need to overcome.  

The good news is, that even after the first time the family sat down and listened to the CD together, there was an immediate improvement and things have only improved and got better ever since, in fact you would hardly recognize him as the same dog, he is so calm.

 Calm Your Pooch is Available For You Now.

Dogs are a true loyal friend and companion and sometimes they just don’t understand when they are unable to come with us, it just doesn’t seem fair, the rest of the family all get to go and they have to stay at home and this has been proven by veterinary science in some cases to cause them great anxiety and stress, just like we humans, they think they are being punished and fret for us when we are not there.

YES! You Can Calm Your Dog Simply by Playing this Amazing Recording!

The idea of controlling animals by communication directly with their minds dates back as far back as the 1600’s, and a scientist from Hungary is said to have actually calmed all of the animals at the Budapest Zoo using hypnosis. My research revealed that any others over the times have also been successful with training and conditioning animals to respond in certain ways to particular sounds or signals.

You may have heard of Cas Willow, although this would probably be through her remarkable successes with helping people.  Cas is a Clinical Hypnotherapist from Australia, who is well known for assisting people with their Anxiety, Self Esteem, Weight and Addiction issues, just to name a few.

Because of Cas’ deep love of animals and particularly dogs, it occurred to her that the skills that she possesses to help people, may well be able to be adapted to help animals who suffer with similar issues, and so after extensive research, this CD has been developed especially to calm your dog or dogs or in fact any pets you have in your home.

So as a Gift of Calmness to Your Pet, it is my pleasure to offer to you this “Calm Your Pooch” Hypnotherapy for Dogs recording that will be of benefit to every pet and owner of the pets, as it will bring about a calmer, happier and healthier life.

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