‘Grief is itself a medicine’ William Cowper

Are you lonely and depressed after the loss of a loved one? Do you need support in moving on with your life?

Death is one event that all of us have to confront at some time or the other. Each of us is different and may react differently to death and grief. Bereavement is an intensely personal emotion and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Some of us may withdraw into our shells for some time or seek solitude while others may prefer getting back to work or spending time with friends.

Grief Counselling can help you Release your Pain

While our coping mechanisms may vary, the objective is the same: We want to process our emotions, give ourselves to heal and finally move on with our lives. Some people heal faster while others may find it extremely challenging to accept the loss and move forward. If you find that you are unable to pick up the pieces and heal, it may be a good idea to seek professional intervention.

Grief is a powerful emotion and prolonged feelings of loss may lead to depression, anxiety or even suicidal tendencies. Give yourself time and be patient while processing grief. Death is one of the most difficult events to come to terms with and if you are struggling to cope, it’s a good idea to seek support and compassionate guidance from a trained therapist.

Grief counselling at www.caswillow.com not only helps you cope with death but also with other forms of losses. These could include loss of job, finance or even a physical ability. Sudden and unpredictable losses like suicides or accidents can cause traumatic reactions including nightmares, insomnia and guilt. Bereavement counselling helps you express your emotions in a healthy manner and provides useful insights on how you can move on with your life.


If you feel stuck in your grief, it always helps to talk about your emotions to family or friends. Sometimes, grief emotions can be so traumatic, it can be extremely painful to even acknowledge their presence. Speaking about your pain helps put difficult feelings into words and helps you release your pain.



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