Is depression wreaking havoc in your life?

Like other mental illnesses, depression is also often associated with social stigma. Many people who suffer from depression feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek assistance. As a result, depression has its share of survivors and casualties and several others who fall in between the two.

Depression is often a complex condition which need not have always been triggered by any one event. People who feel depressed withdraw from fun, social interaction and life itself and brood within themselves. In extreme cases, the dark attraction of death becomes a more seductive lure than life itself.

Depression does not target any specific people; it can strike anyone at anytime irrespective of social or financial status. Teenagers, men, women and older adults are all vulnerable to depression. All of us can probably claim to have experienced depression (or simply the blues) at some point in our lives.

During the ordinary course of things, most of us get over the sadness and get back to enjoying life. However, some don’t get over it easily. The depression may linger for weeks and months with no end in sight. This is when you should absolutely consider seeking intervention.

Professional counselling can help you look inward for answers. Talking about your feelings and fears can help you release pent-up emotion and volatile thoughts. We are often hard-pressed to explain why we feel depressed and low. You can be in a difficult place mentally and may not be equipped with the internal coping mechanisms that can help you come out of it.

Helen Christensen of the Black Dog Institute says that men are more likely to keep depression within themselves and keep away from professional intervention.

Most cases of depression-induced suicide may be prevented if the person had sought professional guidance. Suicide can be interpreted as the ultimate action of a depressed person who was unable to cope with the pain any longer.

This is why it’s very important to take proactive steps for your wellbeing and happiness. Each of us deserves to be happy. Many people who suffer from depression do not display any overt symptoms of social withdrawal.

They may appear to be quite normal from the outside. But unresolved depression may continue to work deep inside and may sap your will to live a meaningful and joyous life.


If depression is holding you back from happiness and vitality, it’s time to seek competent advice.

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