Benefits of gastric band hypnotherapy Melbourne

Why You Need To Find Hypnotherapist Who Offers Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease are just some few of the many diseases which can put one on the risk of gaining weight and becoming obese. Many people ranging from children to the elderly are grappling with the problem of being overweight. Many of these have tried dieting, exercise and healthy dieting and have realized very little or no success. In the recent past, there has been a rapid increase on the demand for gastric band surgery because of its publicized success on several celebrities.

This surgery involves the placement of restrictive device around the stomach’s upper part, which creates pouch which is only capable of holding certain food amount. This reduces the space in which food will go after meal, and one will quickly and easily feel full than if they were on entire empty stomach. Essentially, after the surgery, one will quickly feel full and thus the consumption of food will be greatly reduced.

Professional Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Services

So what is gastric band hypnotherapy?

Although the gastric bands have recorded success in many cases, statistics show that about 80% of the patients will who undergo the gastric band surgery will experience food regurgitation, nausea, and various other unpleasant side effects.  In addition to these side effects, in a situation where the patient does not properly adjust to the band, they may be forced to have them operated so that the band can be removed and this means they will experience even more discomfort and probably, severer, prolonged side effects.

Gastric band surgery is thus not safe is the reason why gastric band hypnotherapy has gained a lot of popularity in the UK, US, and now in Australia. It involves use of combination of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and hypnotherapy techniques so as to convince the individuals that a gastric band has been fitted in them without the cost, risks, side effects and fears of undergoing the real surgical procedure.

The benefits of gastric band hypnotherapy

Among the most important benefits of gastric band hypnotherapy include that it helps address any psychological and emotional issues that may have originally caused the individual to begin over-eating, thus helping them to get over these, and enabling them to maintain healthy body weight for several; years after hypnotherapy treatment at the first instance.

The success of gastric band hypnotherapy will vary from one hypnotherapist to the other so you have to ensure that you have to find one offers the best service that suits your needs.

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