Hypnotherapy is a healing technique that leverages your mind power to help you resolve internal conflict. Internal conflicts and stress manifest themselves in several ways; you may feel depressed, anxious or aggressive. The unresolved problems often lead to addictive behaviour and social withdrawal. (Addictions are symptoms of a deeper issue). Before considering a healing hypnotherapy session, it’s a sensible idea to understand how hypnotherapy works to help you.

There are misconceptions and scepticism regarding hypnotherapy. Since the technique is different from the conventional therapies, many feel that the results are doubtful at best. This is a myth. Hypnotherapy stimulates the healing power that already exists within each one of us. We are able to connect to our inner selves and understand the motivations that drive our behaviour and our actions. Hypnotherapy is used successfully to treat a host of problems including addictions, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and weight loss among others.

Hypnotherapy at www.caswillow.com is an effective mind tool that is safe, non-invasive and lasting. During a hypnotherapy session, the practitioner will help you shift your awareness to a more relaxed state.

You can feel rest assured that you will be in control of yourself at all times. Again, contrary to popular belief, you cannot be made to act against your will. Professional hypnotherapy services in Melbourne helps re-train our subconscious instincts and thought patterns. A positively reprogrammed subconscious becomes instrumental in helping us release negative self-perceptions and fears. As a result, we are able to move on with our lives with improved coping ability. Hypnotherapy can be effectively used to change responses and reflexes.

For example, if imagine that you were nervous of giving exams during formative years. Even when you are an adult, simply thinking of exams will make you nervous! The mind has subconsciously associated the idea of exams with the emotion of anxiety. The pattern will continue to replay itself and make you nervous of assessment situations including exams, tests and even job interviews. Hypnotherapy helps re-educate the mind and release internalised fears. Hypnotherapy helps change fear-based responses into positive, empowering thoughts.

This simple but effective mind tool helps you change your perceptions, beliefs and expectations of yourself. Since the change is introduced at the most basic level, the effects are lasting. You can tell that you have experienced real, lasting change when you are no longer held back by your feelings when faced with the same situation. Continuing with the exam analogy, you can consider yourself completely healed when you are able to sit through an exam with confidence. You have experienced healing at the core level and no-one can take that away from you.

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