Find it hard to lose weight post pregnancy? Struggling to shed those unwanted kilos and unsightly inches?

After 9 months of handling extra weight, it can be emotionally overwhelming to shed those extra kilos after pregnancy. Although, it can take a little bit of time and effort, with the right attitude, diet and exercise program, you can look forward to fitting into your old jeans again. Losing weight after having a baby can take a little while so work on adopting a healthy lifestyle before you begin to see results.

Pregnancy weight loss is often associated with several myths. A popular one is that if you don’t lose weight within six months to 1 year, it will be difficult to lose the weight at all. This is not true, every woman has her own body metabolism and mental approach so each woman loses weight at her own pace.

Why is it difficult to lose weight after pregnancy?

Weight loss after pregnancy depends on many factors. If you were put on medications or had complications during pregnancy, this could have a significant impact on how much weight you lose.

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep might be difficult with a newborn baby who needs feeding during the night. Sleep deprivation may make you too tired to exercise and also affects the levels of appetite control hormones like Leptin and Ghrelin. Try and sleep when the baby sleeps so that your body feels rested and refreshed.

Disrupted Eating habits

The first few months after a baby’s birth are often overwhelming as you are worried about the baby’s feeding rhythms, health and growth. Since your focus is on the baby, you may not pay attention to what you eat. Most stressed mothers tend to reach out for a bag of cookies when they feel hungry because they haven’t had time to eat a proper meal.


Mothers who breast feed their children may lose more weight during the initial months compared to those who opt for bottle feed. Your body tends to have extra fat stores so that you can feed the baby.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Counseling

The stress and exhaustion after having a baby may often lead to depression and anxiety. It’s also important to keep your expectations realistic with respect to post pregnancy weight loss. Counseling can help you change negative belief patterns and attitudes and replace with them with positive motivation. Your therapist at can also help you examine your lifestyle and diet to formulate a practical and effective weight loss program.

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