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Help With Anxiety And Depression/Stress

Don’t be surprised because nearly 1 in 10 Australian adults suffer from the symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety disorders influence people from all walks of life, and according to the Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria ARC Vic, anxiety disorder are the most common cerebral health problem affecting Australians. Anxiety disorders affect 9.7% or 1.3 million adult Australians (12% women and 7.1% men) during a 12 month period (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1997).

Of course, we all need a certain level of anxiety after all; the anxious parts feel they are protecting you. If we had no fear or anxiety at all, we would all be maybe taking on extreme sports. For most of us, placing ourselves in that much danger would create a level (whether high or low) of anxiousness. So the primary role of anxiety is to keep us safe. For some people, this anxious part works overtime in an attempt to protect, causing in some cases extreme problems for some people to even perform routine daily activities.
Maybe you feel rushed or maybe you have a feeling that there is never enough time to do what you want and need to do? Maybe you check the door over and over to ensure it is locked or maybe you stress out about tomorrow, next week or next month.

Many people with anxiety also prone to suffer with depression, sleep disorders, along withsome physical health problems that relate to the stress associated with anxiety such as Irritable Bowel condition IBS, headaches and migraines, heart palpitations, body sweats, nail biting, shaking leg syndrome and more….

The symptoms associated with anxiety are treatable in many ways utilising psychological therapies, such as hypnotherapy, ego state therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT) or with medication or with a combination of both.

Getting back on track and functioning in a natural way is possible with treatment, education, support and a self-awareness including self-management, self-control and mind distraction techniques. Often a long term commitment to therapy is required however most people discover some relief immediately, even after just one session. Walking along-side the person experiencing the anxiety, not only allows them to feel calm, but also heard and understood.

Often an understanding comes to the realisation that the event that initially caused the problem, was not their issue, however they had taken it on board from maybe an event or another person during their childhood. Once the discovery is made, it often appears easy to let go of it at a subconscious level, and a realisation that it is a fear stemming from a memory or a childhood event that is impacting on life today and that it is now ok to let that fear go and enjoy the gift of life.

Many report after treatment, a realisation and appreciation of the “Now” and they begin to notice the day, the people and the events of the present more, often reporting that they now stop to smell the roses and am not really fussed if they get to the end of the day and have not completed all of their set tasks for the day, which previously could of prevented the person with anxiety from sleeping soundly and peacefully at night.

If you need some assistance, coping strategies or help with anxiety and depression the natural way symptoms associated with the many types of stress, anxiety or related diagnosis, then please feel free to call Cas, Heather or one of the therapists or staff at CaS Therapy today on (03) 9327 2293 to discuss how hypnotherapy, counselling or Ego State Therapy can help and guide you to discover your own internal resolution.

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