FAQ About Hypnotic Gastric Banding

Penny is one of our happy clients who is excited to share her journey and to explain how the (re) program just works,


Penny the “Self confessed sweets addict” continues, explaining how she had enquired about surgery and happily was unable to be operated on. Steadily the weight has dripped away, even while renovating the kitchen in the house, which forced the family to eat out every night for 6 weeks. Penny also explains how old belief systems are easily changed and discounted.

Penny continues, explaining combating and overcoming childhood beliefs, sorting out her thoughts permanently and growing into and out of clothes, but this time on the way down.

Others agree with Penny…  and Cas explains how she was big too, many years ago.


Cas briefly explains the Hypnotic Gastric Banding Operation Procedure…

Cas explains here how and why the Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy program works, how hypnotherapy re programs your mind to the original blueprint from when you were a baby.

Cas (Sas) continues below with part two and explains here how changing your language, changes your thinking and how it works for the Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy program and how hypnotherapy reprograms your mind to know when to stop eating.  

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis simply is an altered state of consciousness, that we slip into and out of several times each day naturally. A day dream, is an altered state of consciousness, so therefore, day dreaming is a form of hypnosis. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of or anxious about, you are in total control at all times. By having a therapist for hypnosis, you are simply allowing them to assist, in taking you into this altered state of consciousness and so as they can make the therapeutic suggestions directly to your subconscious mind by detouring passed your conscious mind which analysis suggestions that are made.

Can I be Hypnotised?

YES. If you give permission and allow yourself to relax you can definately be hypnotised if you want, however no-one can hypnotise you against your wishes, as you are in total control and YOU decide.

I have some deep, dark secrets I don’t want to share, Can you get them out of my mind against my will?

NO, again you are in total control and if you do not wish to share information with your therapist, your therapist can not extract this information against your wishes.

Can you guarantee I will lose weight.

Yes and No. I certainly guarantee that the program I have developed works and if you follow the steps clearly laid out, you will drop to a weight that is right and healthy for you, however I am not a magician and I do not control the conscious decisions you make or the movement of your arm to your mouth and what you put in your mouth, so realistically I can not guarantee that. However if you do follow the program and make the time to follow the steps, that I do program the suggestions into your subconscious mind to make the life changes become easy and a simple way of life for you.

Follow Leanne’s Story as she progresses through the Program.


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