If you want to overcome a panic attack you need to train yourself to accept the panic in a calming way. We will show you some simple but powerful tips which will help you in overcoming panic attacks. The first step is to start doing something that is quite different to what you used to do before.  Because it is common sense that if you keep doing the same thing you will not end up with any different results. You will need to seek different methods if you want to find relief from anxiety. This does not have to be difficult, it can be simple however understand it may seem difficult and hard, so we will attempt to show you how to accept and deal with these panic attacks.

The most important single step is to acknowledge and accept your panic attacks. You need to realise that you have had a thought that you are afraid and that if you follow that thought you can start to panic. Do not ignore this situation, and do not try to pretend that it is not present. You need to know that you are afraid, and what that afraid is trying to do for you. Are you in real danger? What is afraid  protecting you from?  You may need some help and assistance to accept this feeling and work through it. It is present and you need to find a way to overcome it, so as you can experience a quality of life. It is no one`s fault. You will need to work with this fear and not push it away and attempt to ignore, it is common that you may have already attempted to push it away and possibly it came back with a vengeance.

You may be thinking how you can accept something that you do not desire or want. You just need to know that even though this feels awful it can be worked through for you to experience a quality of life, and if you accept these symptoms and not resist them you can eventually overcome these panic attacks.
If you are having a panic attack, there are many techniques that can be exercised to help you through until you seek the help that may be required. One of the many techniques we share with our clients is explained in this YouTube video that we created with Cas showing you some helpful techniques. To view the video, simply follow this link https://youtu.be/ljV4PtZbDp8.

Understand that the attack is usually something that is temporary, and you will soon regain your ability to think, focus, concentrate and function. If you react you may  make your current situation worse. So practice these techniques and keep your options open, so you feel that you are becoming free, it is really important to slow down, breathe deeply and do not rush into anything. The best way to address panic is to seek the assistance of an experienced therapist to obtain your control as soon as you notice the issue is presenting itself.

A good idea is to keep a panic diary. Write down everything you think is important. There are some clients that say that even filling out a diary helps them to feel better. You can also download a diary that includes set of instructions, which are simple questions regarding your attacks, you can fill it out during an attack, or shortly after so you have a good recollection of the event, so you can record it accurately.
If you are having panic attack, relax and distract your thoughts, knowing it will come to an end at some stage. This will happen on its own. You need to make yourself as comfortable as possible and wait for the attack to end. There are some techniques that are useful in overcoming panic attacks. Deep breathing is a very powerful tool. Try to talk to yourself silently and be aware what is happening and what you need to do. Try to relax, notice if your body gets tense during an attack. Your panic attack will end, they all end, no matter how you response to them. Your only job here is to make yourself comfortable and wait for this unpleasant attack to be over.


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