Although it is very easy to begin, smoking brings about havoc whenever one wants to give up the habit for good. Shaky commitments and a weak resolve are a common sight with people trying to give up smoking. When you have decided to quit smoking and adopt a healthy lifestyle, what you need is unwavering resolve along with effective therapies which can help you win your battle against the menace of smoking.

One very effective therapy which can help you quit smoking is hypnosis. If you have committed yourself to quit smoking, hypnosis can do wonders to your resolve and help you give up the habit once and for all.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a great therapy which opens up the subconscious mind of an individual and works effectively to modify their attitudes, behaviours, emotional states, stress related problems, dysfunctional habits and also problems like smoking.

How does hypnosis work for people aiming to quit smoking?

Hypnosis puts a person in a sleep like state disconnecting him/her from all sensations, emotions and feelings. Although the person is under hypnosis, he/she is alert and fully attentive because their mind is open. During this state, the subconscious mind of an individual can be conditioned to do what is suggested. In the hypnotic state the mind is persuaded to quit smoking. People are told to resist the urge and temptation to light a cigarette and smoke again. Hypnosis strengthens an individual’s resolve and determination to suppress the urge to smoke as it instills the dangers and hazards of smoking in the conscious part of the mind during the session.

Repeated hypnosis suggestions and sessions consolidate the idea to quit smoking in an individual’s mind and assists them in fully making a decision to get off the smokes and leave the addiction behind them. The brain processes the suggestions and then instills the suggestions in a person’s usual behaviour. Hypnosis psychologically suggests and convinces an individual to  give up smoking and do not fall into a lapse or a relapse. No matter how long it is since the person began smoking, hypnosis can effectively help the person to quit smoking for good.

Is hypnosis effective to help quit smoking?

According to recent studies, about 69% of people wanting to quit smoking and taking help from hypnosis have been successful in giving up the habit entirely. Repeated sessions increase the success rate to 75% if there are multiple sessions without a gap.

Hypnosis does not have any side effects as compared to other treatments and therapies used to help people quit smoking. The only mild side effects that a person might experience after a hypnosis session are little dizziness, nausea and a feeling of being giddy.

Without any doubt hypnosis is one of the most effective therapies to consider when one wants to quit smoking. This is because it does not include any medication and also doesn’t have any side effects.

Schedule your hypnosis sessions with a professional hypnotherapist today and eliminate your chances of a relapse to smoking right away. Even if you have already quit and you are struggling with the cravings and thoughts, instead of relapsing and buying a packet and starting the whole vicious cycle again, do something different and reach for the phone instead. Call a hypnotherapist to deal with those thoughts and cravings rather than buying a packet. Take five minutes to re-direct your thoughts to something else instead of that nagging thought of “I feel like a smoke” instead look at the sky and notice what you see, look at the grass or the trees or the office or whatever it is that you are near and see what you notice. Distract your thoughts and head to the phone, pick it up and call to book the earliest appointment possible. You can do it this time. Don’t quit quitting and you will succeed. As we all know there isn’t any good health reasons to smoke, it may do other things for us, however the key is to find what they are and replace them with something other than smoking. Really it is time to look after you and put yourself first so quit the habit and if you can and if you are ready, make that day for you, today!

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