We all want to excel our performances in whatever we do – whether it is our career, our relationships, hobbies or even our personal development. An urge to achieve the highest possible level of performance is with us at all times. However, worrying about the outcome blocks our performance. Putting too much emphasis on ourselves rather than the presentation and performance itself can contribute to anxiousness.

Performance anxiety is a fairly broad term. It can occur in a variety of public and private situations including sports, acting, musical presentations, exams, public speaking and sexual intimacy. It doesn’t matter what the performance anxiety is about – it can all feel the same. Sweaty palms, racing heart, inability to speak, trembling hands and a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach – are just some of the symptoms that accompany anxiety.

Sexual performance anxiety:

Sexual performance anxiety is a major issue for men in particular, who are in a relationship. The more important the relationship is to you – the more anxious you are likely to become about your performance in the bedroom. The ability to please your partner, inexperience, a bad sexual experience or trouble finding the right partner all result in performance anxiety. It can also result due to premature ejaculation, impotency, or other sexual difficulties.

Fears of sexual performance are not only limited to men. For women, concerns about vaginal lubrication and reaching the climax at the same time as the other partner can also increase anxiety. Fears regarding the status of relationship can also contribute to sexual intimacy.

Regardless of the reason, performance anxiety can become a problem in itself and result in avoidance of sexual encounters, lack of self-esteem, relationship problems and the inability to advance in careers.

How can hypnotherapy help get rid of performance anxiety?

Hypnotherapy is an effective therapy for all forms of performance anxiety. During hypnosis, the clients are put in a deeply relaxed state during which the hypnotherapists guide them to open their subconscious mind. Empowering suggestions are then provided to the clients that are designed to help create an ideal stage for performance and situations where anxiety is at its peak. The end result is an optimized self-esteem, happiness, and hopefulness.

Hypnosis works by communicating directly with the “subconscious” parts of the mind – where anxieties and fears reside. With hypnosis, the clients can get rid of the nagging and self-conscious thoughts that are provoked during a performance and foster a more relaxed and confident sense of self-being. By utilising the techniques of hypnosis, the clients become more confident and calm during a performance or presentation – whether inside the bedroom or the boardroom.

Hypnotherapy for performance anxiety:

Some people are born with mild performance anxiety while others are naturally shy about speaking in public. Some performers are distressed over the idea of being judged as a result of experiences in the past that resulted in failure. Hypnotherapy is the solution for all your anxiety needs.  If you are also looking for ways to get rid of the sweaty palms and jittery nerves during a presentation, give hypnotherapy a chance and become a better performer for life.

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