There is nothing more important than how we feel about ourselves. We all have to know how to improve our self-esteem. Some people believe that self-esteem has to do something with the way they look or how popular they are. Others believe that you need to accomplish something to have good self-esteem.
It is way simpler than these. Self-esteem means that you are appreciating yourself for who you really are. There are people with high, and people with low self-esteem. This brings us to the question how to improve self-esteem. Usually people with good self-esteem feel good about themselves, they are proud of what they are doing and about what they accomplish throughout their life. They are aware that they are not perfect and that they have faults like anyone else.

You have to be realistic about what you can and what you cannot do. You cannot say that you are not good in something if you haven’t even tried. For example, take a piece of paper and write a list of your strengths and your weaknesses. Try to find 10 of each. You will may struggle to find 10 strengths if you suffer from low self-esteem, however keep looking and persist with yourself until you complete the task.
Do not set unrealistic expectations. Sometimes we even have small expectations which are impossible to come true. But do not give up, and do not let someone`s criticism affect your own opinion of yourself. If you set realistic expectations you will most definitely reach your goal.

Let go of perfection. That is something that is simply unattainable. You will probably never going to have the perfect beach body, the perfect house or the perfect life to begin with. We are aware of the fact that you see these perfections on television every day, however this is not something that is real. This is an artificial society that is making our lives more difficult. Start with a smaller goal and move on gradually. Accept that you are going to make mistakes, and see them as opportunities for growth.

It is very important to know your strengths and weaknesses, but at the same time always be open for new opportunities. Meet new people, try new things and never stop exploring. This might be the key to your success, trying and doing things that you wouldn’t ordinary do.

Do not compare yourself to others. How can you know that this comparison is fair? This can be tough, but you need to stop doing that. These comparisons are not fair, because you do not know that much of other people`s lives. You just see them every day, but you do not know what happens behind closed doors, their lives might be worse than you can imagine.

All this may sound easy, however if you want to improve your self-esteem you need lots of patience. You have to make an effort and be more realistic about yourself. You might be surprised by the results.

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