Quitting the habit of smoking can be challenging for many, however it is one of the best things you can do for your body. Smoking is dangerous and often results in cancer, lung diseases and heart problems, etc. many smokers try to cut back their intake of cigarettes by using nicotine patches, gum, prescription medicines and many other strategies, however they often fail at their attempt and fall straight back into the dangerous habit.

However, if the traditional methods to quit smoking haven’t worked for you, don’t give up yet! In fact, never quit attempting to quit, each time you attempt, you learn something new and one day one of those attempts will be successful.

Hypnosis is a helpful tool to help individuals quit smoking and is often overlooked. When you understand that hypnosis is a just a simple and direct way of talking directly to the programed part of the mind, then you are likely to understand the power that hypnosis has with the programming of new habits, patterns and behaviours.

What is hypnosis?

Most of us upon hearing the term, “hypnosis” envision of a golden pocket-watch being dangled in front of our faces. However hypnosis is a lot more than that, it is defined as an altered state of awareness where the clients often appear to be asleep or in trance. A therapist uses verbal repetition or images and makes suggestions to treat various psychological and even physical conditions. It is used and effective for many conditions including pain management, hot flushes, behavioural issues, weight loss, stress, panic, anxiety and many other issues that can impact upon our daily lives.

Hypnosis for Smokers:

Hypnotherapy for smokers works by putting the clients into an altered state of consciousness. The client may still be aware of his or her surroundings however they are more open to suggestions given by the therapist. During the session, clients may be asked to share what they think the negative outcome of the habit may be. The hypnotherapist may also make suggestions regarding the smell and the taste of cigarette fumes, for example, the cigarette smokes smell like truck exhaust or a person’s mouth may feel parched after smoking, or it may well taste like they have licked the ashtray clean.

The idea is to assist the clients to understand at a subconscious level the three main ideas associated with quitting smoking which are:

  1. Smoking is poisonous for the body
  2. A healthy body is vital for living
  3. We need to protect our body as it is the vehicle for the soul whilst we live.

The hypnotherapist may also teach the clients several ways to avoid the temptations of smoking which can be practiced at home, long after the session.

Will it work?

In general, it is a very successful technique for quitting the habit, however like all methods, hypnosis does not work for everyone. The success of hypnosis varies from a person to person. Of course, the time required for hypnosis to be successful for smokers can also vary. Some people find themselves quitting the habit after only one session, while others may require several follow-ups to break the habit permanently. Many hypnotherapists also suggest their clients incorporate other techniques to quit smoking alongside hypnosis to achieve positive results, in fact, when you have made the decision to change and quit the smokes for good, it is really in your best interests to apply as many strategies that work for you as possible. This way you certainly improved your chances of a favourable outcome.

Why quit smoking?

The life expectancy of a smoker is approximately 10 years less than a non-smoker. More and more people are dying pre-maturely from smoke-related illness each year, and the earlier you quit – the faster your body will recover and lessen the risk of smoke-related illnesses from occurring. Those who stop smoking benefit from longer life expectancy, more energy, improved immune system, less stress and overall better health.

Remember, it is never too late to quit smoking. Doing so is highly likely that it will give you immediate health benefits so if you have tried the traditional ways to quit smoking, line up and give hypnosis for smokers a go and if you have been successful in the past with hypnosis, and later made a conscious decision to start smoking again, then maybe you are ready to quit again now.

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