Sometimes it can be helpful to worry about things, but only if it spurs you to do something or to solve a problem. If you are constantly worrying, and making the worst case scenarios then this can become a problem. Doubts and fears are not exactly the feelings you want to deal with every day. Chronic worrying may be a mental habit, but it is possible to break it.

So, why it is so hard to stop worrying? And, is there someone who can guide us in how to stop being anxious all the time? Constant worrying can keep you awake at night and it can make you feel tense during the day. You probably know that this is not healthy, and it is advised to do something regarding your situation.

You are probably finding difficult, the idea to be productive while you are working or even when you are spending time with your family. It is easy to tell yourself not to worry, however simply telling yourself this does not generally work. You can learn and discover techniques to distract your thoughts.

There are many different and easy processes that you can do to control the situations. For instance you can start with setting a time and place when you can worry (if you really feel the need), this will at least contain the thought to a specific time. It could possibly be the same every day, the same place and the same time. During the period when you are allowed to worry, you can worry about anything, and the rest of the day can then be your worry-free zone and if something arises, then simply postpone it to that specific time of the day.

During the day, if an anxious thought comes to your mind, work at postponing it, with practice you are likely to become very good at it. You can think about it during your worry period and there is absolutely no need to worry about it now. Continue with your day and save your worries for later.

You can also make a list of every single thing that is troubling you and later you can go through it. Distinguish your worries, whether they can be something that you can solve or something you cannot.
If you are constantly feeling anxious that might mean that you are afraid of what the future might bring. We are not able to know what is going to happen in the near future, we cannot control unpleasant surprises and we cannot control the outcome. If we think about all the things that can go wrong we still do not have the power to make life more predictable.

If the feelings of being anxious are chronic, then you might be able to focus on learning some relaxation techniques as well, such as deep breathing and meditation. These techniques do not work for everybody, some people prefer to walk, run or use a punching bag, the idea is to find what it is that works for you.  We all need a certain level of anxiety, as it is anxiety that keeps us safe, anxiety prevents us from undertaking many possibly dangerous things, so it is important to acknowledge that a level of anxiety is good. What we don’t want is our anxiety to be working overtime,  so if you strengthen your body`s ability to relax, you might just feel better and develop some good management skills.

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