Say Yes to Health and Vitality: How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

There has been increasing awareness about the negative effects of smoking. ‘No smoking’ campaigns have been successful in educating the public about the detrimental health effects of smoking. However, despite being aware of the negative health effects of smoking, it can be extremely challenging to quit smoking on your own! The mental and physical dependence on nicotine can prove to be a major obstacle. Some people are able to quit smoking once they make up their minds. If you’re looking for advice on how to stop smoking cigarettes, the best way is to make a lasting and sincere commitment to yourself! Make up your mind that you want to love a joyous, healthy and happy life, free of any addictions.
There are several smoking cessation aids available in the market. There is chewing gum, patches, NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) and so on. Many of these aids are certainly useful when you want to quit. But the main challenge in lies being able to resist the temptation of ‘one more puff’. Heavy smokers who have successfully quit their habit are no longer affected by being in the same room as other smokers.
Meditation is an effective technique for those who wish to kick the smoking habit. Since stress and anxiety is one of the biggest causes of smoking, meditation is considered as a useful anti-smoking tool.

One of the biggest benefits of meditation is that it promotes mindfulness or living in the moment. Being aware of your feelings in turn helps you identify cravings before they take hold your mind. More importantly, you accept and observe cravings without feeling compelled to react to them. Meditating boosts our ability to pay attention to our thoughts. The increased attention goes a long way in staving off addictive behaviour as the technique works on multiple levels.

While external aids such as patches, chewing gum and so on work on a physical level, meditation helps calm the mind and release stress. Once you become used to releasing your stress in an alternate, healthy way, you automatically cease to perceive smoking as a stress relieving behaviour. Hence meditation is an excellent technique that helps you banish addictive behaviours from your psyche as well as from your life.

In a recent research study conducted by Yale, the results suggested that meditation was as effective (or rather more) than the conventional methods of treatment. By using meditation, smokers were more likely to abstain from smoking in the future. Many people are able to quit but the real challenge lies in being able to practice abstinence in the long run. The trained professionals at are happy to help you quit smoking.

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