The first and most important prerequisite to quitting is your own commitment to your health. Once your commitment is in place, there is a much stronger likelihood that aids will work in your favor. Here’s a closer look at hypnosis as an effective tool to help you quit smoking.

The important to understand about hypnosis is that you cannot be forced to anything under hypnosis that you wouldn’t normally do. Hypnosis helps you attain an altered state of consciousness that involves a deep feeling of relaxation. But you remain in full control of your will. This is why a sincere commitment to quit smoking helps hypnosis work more effectively.

If you are skeptical about how hypnosis works, you might be surprised to learn that most of us experience the hypnotic state at least once or twice in a day. For example, as you wash dishes, you might not be conscious of doing the chore until it’s done. You enter a different state of reality while being fully aware at the same time. It’s this exact feature that makes hypnosis a powerful tool for those who wish to quit smoking.

What makes Hypnosis a Good Tool to Quit Smoking?

A hypnotherapist may use guided visualization or meditation to help you attain a relaxed state. Although you are relaxed, you actually experience heightened awareness and increased focus. This makes it easier to internalize positive affirmations regarding quitting the smoking habit. Suggestions are able to take root more easily in your subconscious, the more powerful part of your mind. Once the suggestions get implanted, they are able to exert a positive influence over your behavior and thought patterns.

Hypnosis has one extremely important benefit when compared to other anti-smoking aids; it helps strengthen your resolve and determination to quit. The positive suggestions help your mind (a valuable and powerful ally) exert the right influence over your smoking habit. A anti smoking aid can only work in tandem with the right attitude and beliefs. Hypnosis can be safely used in conjunction with other anti smoking aids.

Although you may be nervous while initially starting out, you will begin to gain self-confidence as the subtle suggestions begin to work.  Each smoke-free day helps you realize that you possess the determination and willpower to quit smoking. Hypnosis programs at help you reprogram your thinking patterns about smoking and its connection to your life. It’s important to realize that a deep, abiding commitment to your health helps hypnosis to produce better results.

Hypnosis also helps in reducing the likelihood of a relapse into smoking addiction.


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