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Problems, issues, addictions, stresses bothering you, can all be impacting severely upon your life. If this is the case for you, hypnosis Melbourne offers a personalised one on one service that helps you to identify where the issues stem from and then your therapist guides you to find a solution within that is in line with your core values and beliefs.

Research shows a strong endorsement of some misconceptions about hypnosis as one expects, due to television, stage hypnosis as well as movies and gossip. Hypnosis in a clinical setting is by design very therapeutic and not a source of entertainment in any way. To learn how to hypnotise is easy, something that can easily be achieved in a weekend course and in fact something that you have the ability to teach to yourself via self-hypnosis techniques. So hypnosis is not difficult. Hypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness, a trance like state that can easily be achieved by staring out of a window and allows the mind to drift off.

Hypnotherapy is different!

Hypnotherapy is guided therapy, in a trance like state, allowing the therapist to explore the issues impacting upon your life, without the interference and blocking of the analytical and rational conscious mind. So a hypnotherapist is a trained therapist that utilises hypnosis to bring about the change that is required in your life. Most of our ego states are formed in our developmental years, hence many emotions and feeling can be developed from a childlike point of view. Utilising age regression hypnosis we can vivify the initial sensitising event and alter the emotions associated with the event from a more mature, loving and understanding point of view, hence changing the response that has been programmed from when we were a child.

Yes, some states can still be formed in adulthood, through traumas or experiences, however most are formed in our developmental years, which explains why we find ourselves saying things and having responses and reactions that we have no idea of their origin.

If this sounds like something you do, then maybe therapy in the state of hypnosis can assist.

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The hypnosis takes us to a calm, safe and relaxed place, where we are able to allow or minds to access the core issues and then the therapy process of loving, healing and altering the perception of the event of take place, therefore allowing us to be a peace with the event on an emotional level.

Regardless of what has happened to us in the past, it is in the past and what we are holding on to is a fear and an emotion that we have associated with that event.

Yes something could be happening in your life now, that is triggering the same emotional response that was set from the initial event, however the initial event is not happening now, it is in fact an internal image and recollection of a past trauma.

If you are looking to bring about true inner peace and change, in your life then the key to unlock that truth for you could well be hypnosis Melbourne has some amazing therapists and some excellent and experienced therapists are ready to discuss how they can be of assistance to you at CaS Therapy, at 28 Mason Street, Newport.

If now is the right time for you, call Cas, Heather or one of the therapists or staff today on (03) 9327 2293 to discuss how hypnotherapy, counselling,  Ego State Therapy or one of the many clinical therapies practiced at our centre can help and guide you to discover and resolved your own internal conflict.


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