Long hard day at work? Arrive home, have trouble controlling the cravings and urges to eat? This is a very common issue, that many people do not even realise they have, let alone know where it developed or came from.

For many adults, who have not been re-programmed, our programming was created by our parents, our guardians or those authority figures like teacher from our developmental years and we have brought those same habits and behaviours through with us into our adult life, with little or no awareness of their origin.

Remember having to sit at the table and eat all of your vegetables because they were good for you, or because you needed to grow into a big boy or girl, or maybe because we are not that well off that we can afford to just waste food, or maybe you had the ultimate in emotional blackmail, that the starving children overseas, in the third world countries would appreciate that food.

Don’t think for one moment, I am picking on your parents, they didn’t realise what they were doing, that is probably the way they were raised too. And they really did want you to grow up and be strong and not to be wasteful.

So the thing is, now you are a big girl or boy and you are now an adult, so we need to alter that programming and those belief systems that were developed as a child, because you no longer need to eat up everything on your plate to grow up, that part is already done, you are now an adult and you have a choice, so you can stop now when you are full or satisfied and guess what, you don’t even have to eat if you are not hungry.

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When you arrive home, from a hard day at work. Maybe you are seeking to fulfil emotions and get those same warm fuzzy feelings we used to get when we arrived home from school or if we had done a really good job. Looking for that reward, chocolate, cake, biscuits, sweet drinks, lollies all the things we were rewarded with when we arrived home from school.

Yes, that’s it! We work hard and we can reward ourselves and feel good, however we need to break to cycle, hop off this merry-go-round and don’t eat to fulfil these emotional needs and this is where hypnosis weight management clinical can assist, by reprogramming the subconscious mind with what is good for us now as an adult.

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