Hypnotherapy Melbourne Clinic

Many of us are seeking internal peace and calmness, often internal resolution can be found utilizing the elegant clinical processes of hypnotherapy Melbourne based clinic in Newport, CaS Therapy has several hypnotherapists with government accredited qualifications who are ready right now, to assist you with issues that are impacting in a negative way upon your life.

This type of therapy is not magic and in no way controlling of another person’s mind, which is often the fear that prevents many people from seeking assistance utilising the tool of hypnotherapy. Melbourne is fortunate to be the home of many leading and passionate therapists who are ready to assist those in need.

Cas Willow the head therapist at CaS Therapy along with the other therapists from the clinic in Newport, holds many free information evenings for people who suffer a variety of internal conflicts. The information evenings give those who feel they may benefit from therapy some direction and an idea of the stage that they are in currently in the healing process along with an idea of the steps they needs to take to improve upon their current situation.

Many of the information evenings held are focused upon weight management, which is not just for people in the overweight category, but for people with other eating issues, such as binging and bulimia. Binging is far more common than you think, and assistance is out there, you just need to seek it, CaS Therapy are able to connect you with support groups attended and overseen by a qualified therapist. Other topics include anger management and pain management, the object is to identify that you do have the issue seek assistance and referral if needed to a service that has the program that is able to assist.

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