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Leading Hypnotherapy Melbourne Centre.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Melbourne specialists are located in Newport and we are ready to assist you in releasing the negative and unhelpful emotions often held and suppressed within the subconscious mind.

Have you noticed emotions of anger, frustration, sadness, annoyance, embarrassment, nervousness, confusion, disappointment,  guilt, disgust, shyness, jealousy, abandonment, betrayal, envy, fury, obsession, outrage or any other of the negative or unhelpful emotions?

Do you feel these emotions rise to the surface and are trigger by an event, a comment or another person actions or behaviours?

The truth is the other person often has no idea that their comments or actions are upsetting to you in anyway and often for them, the event the triggered the emotion has long passed. What is needed is internal control, because we cannot control others, we can only control ourselves and our own choices.      Counselling

YES Choices!

We actually choose to be angry, frustrated or sad because of another person’s words, actions or behaviours. We could just as easily choose to find their behaviours funny or unimportant. For example a person may be on stage telling jokes, one person in the audience may find them funny, another may find them hilarious, whilst another may not be amused at all and another could even be offended. Same person,same place, same jokes, just different people with different perceptions making different choices about their interpretation of what is occurring. The point is we cannot control others, we can only control ourselves.

The Solution!

Empower your mind!  Take control of you!

If you discover that the emotional response you are having does not fit the situation, then some parts within the mind obviously need to find a solution or a release. Notice we did not mention not feeling sad or uncomfortable at times. Sometimes the situation suits to feel emotions and feelings of sadness, such as the loss of a friend, family or job, however if you are feeling overwhelmed with sadness at the thought of going shopping or attending a party, then clearly the emotion doesn’t fit and something within the mind probably needs some resolution.

Yes! You have the ability to control and distract your mind and your thoughts. Many excellent tips and techniques are available to assist you in discovering how to control your thoughts, therefore your feelings and emotions.      ASeedWasPlanted

When beliefs and habits are transformed and released, we can easily overcome the obstacles and associations that are holding us back from good health and well-being. This is where hypnotherapy Melbourne excels.

IF you are looking and ready to make some changes in your life so as you are able to respond to situations, rather than react then we are here to walk along beside you and assist you to alleviate the fears, phobias, habits and beliefs that are impacting on your life..


Call Cas, Heather or one of the therapists or staff at CaS Therapy today on
(03) 9327 2293
to discuss how hypnotherapy can help and guide you to discover your own internal resolution.


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