Weight Loss with Hypnosis has worked for Walter

In just five short months, life in different for Walter, an entire new way of thinking, a new attitude and a new approach to life. Walter explains how this weight loss clinic program with hypnosis has totally changed the way he thinks, his relationship with food and how he is now experiencing what he feels is a permanent life style change that will last.

When you walk through the door for hypnotic weight loss, you are walking into a new way of life, you are coming in to do things differently in your life. The reality is there is only one way to drop weight and that is to take in less than you use. Regardless of how you do this, that is the mathematical fact of every diet and weight loss program, whether it is pills, potions, diets or surgery, that is still the basic underlying fact.

So why is hypnosis different?

With all other diets you are leaving the entire process up to the power of your will, or “Will Power” as it is commonly known, and will power lives in the conscious mind and the conscious mind, is also where we rationalize and analysis all information, so therefore if we are programmed to eat and associate certain foods with certain occasions or beliefs the conscious mind will create a really good argument (excuse) as to why you need to consume it and so therefore you do.  What Hypnosis Weight Loss Clinical can do, is bypass the conscious mind, and reprogram the organic computer, the hard drive of our system, the subconscious mind and therefore change begins and as it is therefore then our programming and so change is easy, like a natural occurrence and simple decision to make.

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The subconscious mind is really quite simple to program, providing it truly believes that the programming is in the best interests of the person being hypnotised. The subscious mind, is very child like, it does not analysis, it simply just takes in the information as it is given. A very simple example of this is to think of a colour that is not red, now you are probably thinking of blue, green or yellow, now, however when you first read that statement, you most definitely thought of the colour red first, because your subconscious mind does not analysis the words “not red” it simply must think of red first. The same is true, if I ask you not to think of a pink elephant, or a blue rabbit, your subconscious mind did not analyse that I said don’t and so therefore you have imagined in your mind that image.

So therefore, because the subconscious mind is so childlike and easy to program, PROVIDING you are able to bypass the conscious mind, change and reprogramming old beliefs about food and weight management, is not only possible it is easy.

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