Melbourne HypnotherapyIn recent years, Australia has ranked first, second and fourth when it came to the most number of searches that English speaking cities have done on “how to commit suicide.” Melbourne was actually specified by Google as the city with the highest percentage of searches on the topic.

What could be a factor in this alarming finding?

Melbourne is a gorgeous and prosperous city. You would think such a setting would inspire joy instead of depression, but research has actually shown that big city living causes massive stress. Studies conducted on rural and urban dwellers indicated that city people are more prone to stress and anxiety.

Data shows that when people were being criticized while they were attempting to finish a task, the city dwellers had more activity in the amygdala part of their brains, (the part of the brain that is known to play a key role in processing emotions) which indicates greater levels of anxiety and stress than the rural dwellers.

Best Hypnotherapy Melbourne Clinic

There are several ways to deal with this kind of thought patterns, without the need for all of us to move to the country. There are a variety of counselling modalities, support groups psychiatry, or psychology sessions. Or another option for healing, which has been around for many years, however it healing power has only recently become more recognised, is to see a hypnotherapist. The city lists several  individuals and facilities that offer hypnotherapy, so to locate a Melbourne hypnotherapist, is quite simple. The important thing is you check they have years of experience in a therapeutic background, have kept up to date with the latest in personal development and that they are registered with recognised and accredited governing associations.

Many people are sceptical about hypnosis. Most of these people have no idea about real hypnotherapy in a clinical setting. Some of them are fearful the therapist will get into their head and obtain their deepest, darkest secrets, the truth is, you are in total control at all times and under no circumstances will you reveal anything that you do not wish to reveal. A certain level of fear of the unknown is perfectly natural, however if you enter into a session with an open mind and a trust the ability of the therapist, hypnosis will be a very powerful healing tool for you.

Many people confuse clinical hypnotherapy with stage hypnosis and they are afraid that they may be manoeuvred into doing things that they don’t really want to do, such as clucking like a chicken or barking like a dog. This is simply one of the many reasons why you should go to a professional hypnotherapist with training in clinical hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can be an effective cure for anxiety, smoking, drinking, obesity, sleeping disorders and other physical problems, lack of motivation, self-esteem, and a host of other issues. In reputable Melbourne hypnotherapy facilities, the program is more intensive than just you going in to be hypnotized, it is delving to the core of the issue and altering old belief systems that may not be in the individuals best interests. After all, most people are wanting to change something that is negatively impacting upon their life, so what they want to achieve is something like a complete overhaul, so change in their life is able to occur, often a thorough and completely new way of approaching things is required and talking directly to the control panel of the mind, the subconscious is a much faster way of achieving such change.

The process of hypnotherapy usually starts with an initial assessment consultation between the hypnotherapist and the client, where they can get at a complete and detailed analysis of the issue at hand and together they can work toward a personalized treatment plan. After this, the seed of commitment is planted and actual therapy begins.

Steps are taken to empower you to shun old beliefs, patterns and ways of thinking. This consequently is a bit like a Spring clean and leaves space for the new you. You then arrive at a set of goals and an accompanying action plan to reach them. Therapy is continued however in more of a monitoring capacity, dealing with possible hindrances to complete transformation.

The final segment is the implementation of a maintenance plan that can let you live the life you want to have.

For an effective treatment plan that is suitable for the presenting issue, firstly complete your due diligence and select the best option hypnotherapy Melbourne has to offer.

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