Hypnotic Gastric Banding TherapyJoin me on a discussion on weight loss using the powerful tool, hypnosis. Here we will discuss a little about the process that patients go through during the Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy treatment and process.

The number of overweight and obese people, particularly in Western countries is growing at an alarming rate, statistics in Australia from 2005 show that 67.4% of adults are overweight and the number is on the increase each year.

Despite the increased awareness of health and fitness in the community, there are still a lot of people who are unaware of the importance of staying fit and therefore many treat their body poorly and remain unhealthy as a result.

A growing number of people suffering from obesity often turn to the surgical gastric lap band procedure to help lose weight and of course in many cases this is often initially successful, however many, without the assistance of counsellor or similar therapist to address the underlying issues and get to the actual core problem, which is NEVER about the food, the majority of people will at some stage, gain all the weight they have battled and strived to lose, and not only that weight, but usually a considerable amount more.

Many people is this situation, who have tried all the pills and potions and all the fade diets, often feel that the only possible solution to their problem is to revert to surgery, they have lost hope and can no longer even imagine themselves as a slim, fit, healthy person.

As with most things in life, surgery should always be the absolute last resort. Surgery and modern medicine is amazing of course and there is a place for it, however there really is nothing natural or healing about being knocked unconscious and having people cut into your body with surgical instruments, and if you can avoid that, I feel, that it is very important to do so, if you possibly can.

One very successful option to avoiding surgery is Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy. One very common question that people ask about this procedure is; “Is it really possible?” And let me tell you, the answer to that is most definitely a huge big “YES, YES IT IS!”

Whilst most people opt for individual one on one sessions with their Hypnotherapist, (check the credentials of your therapist and make sure your Hypnotherapist is certified to deliver the program), public group trials have proven that the Hypnotic Gastric Banding procedure has work very well for the majority of people. One recent study had 25 participants and 24 out of the 25 were actually losing weight and continuing to lose weight during and after the trial period, the only person who was not losing weight, was simply not following the necessary steps and guidelines.

Yes steps and guidelines, the surgical procedure has steps and guidelines as does the hypnotic procedure and naturally for success with either procedure the guidelines need to be adhered too, because as with absolutely everything in life, if you want something to change, you simply need to do things differently. Just like a recipe for a chocolate cake, if you want to make a carrot cake, you can not use the same ingredients that you would use for your chocolate cake, you need to alter the recipe. Life is the same.

Ok, so what is involved with Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy?

Well the therapist opens up your subconscious mind to suggestion and does not try to alter an old habit, but rather to create a new one.

The Hypnotherapist will suggest to your subconscious mind that you actually have a surgical band fitted to your stomach and that your stomach is only the size of a golf ball. During the procedure the Hypnotherapist will talk you through the process. Your journey will begin with the therapist taking you into a very relaxed state of consciousness and you are the guided through all of the hospital sounds that one can expect to hear, such as the voices and noises as you are wheeled on your gurney down the corridors of the hospital on your way to the operating theatre. You will pass by doctors and nurses rushing by in the hospital, the bangs and clangs of sterile stainless steel bowls and instruments and the general everyday noises of a busy metropolitan hospital.

Your gurney (operating trolley) then stops as you approach the operating room, and the nurse asks if you are ready to have the gastric band surgery. You reply “Yes” and then the anesthetist steps forward to administer the anesthetic. You can hear people talking about the gastric band procedure, you hear monitors beeping and you feel that you are being surgically operated on. The hypnotic gastric banding weight loss therapy takes you through the whole surgical process. After the surgery, you are then rolled back into the recovery room, as the therapist brings you back into the moment, at this point many people actually check their stomach, to check if they have actually had surgery, as their mind firmly believes they now have a gastric band fitted and they really feel their stomach is restricted to eating smaller amounts.

Gastric band surgery as you probably already know, is a very popular option for major weight loss. A lot of very overweight and obese people have undergone the surgery and have successfully dropped hundreds of pounds and kilos. Weight loss with the assistance of hypnosis is another option to the Gastric Lap Band Surgery. Patients who have undergone the hypnotic version, feel that they really have had the surgery, as I mentioned many of them even raise their shirts to see if they have an incision after the surgery they believe they have just had, the thought placed deeply within their subconscious by the hypnotherapist is so strong that people find it difficult to believe that they haven’t had the surgery.

Hypnotic Gastric Banding or Weight Loss with the assistance of hypnosis is pain free and also a safe way to have the gastric band surgery. There is an alternative to spending large amounts of money on the surgery and you don’t need the often extended recovery time. You have all the benefits of the surgery but without the risks. Hypnotic Gastric Banding is becoming more and more popular as many television shows feature them. Weight loss via hypnosis is a great alternative and a lot of clients can attest to the fact that they have lost hundreds of pounds from this form of therapy.

Enjoy opening your mind and exploring the different possibilities in life. Hypnotherapy is now widely accepted and is becoming more so as the amazing results are becoming more well known and a lot of doctors, others in the medical professionals and natural therapists see and recommend the treatments of available utilizing hypnotherapy.

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