Best Hypnotherapist Clinic In Melbourne


Looking for a Melbourne Hypnotherapist?

Really? Then look no further! heads up the professional team of therapists
at CaS Therapy in Newport, Melbourne.

If you suffer with symptoms of..

  • Depression
  • OCD
  • or maybe a lack of
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Acceptance
  • maybe you need help and guidance to
  • Quit Smoking
  • Cut down or cut out the Alcohol Consumption.
  • Stop Gambling
  • Kick a drug habit
  • or any other addiction, even Coke or Chocolate

Then hypnotherapy is an elegant and natural state where direct therapeutic suggestions can be utilised to explore, address and achieve the changes that are required to bring about positive change in your life.


If you are ready to change and do something different then hypnotherapist in melbourne can assist in guiding you through the stage of change without the analysis and rational of the conscious mind.

Allowing us to guide you into a beautiful relaxed state,can help us to help you find the internal resolution that is often required between two internal conflicting parts of the subconscious mind that often debate about what is right and best for you. For example one part of a smoker may say ‘I need to give up, these things cost a fortune, they are no good for my health and my cough is getting worse.’ Whilst the other part is saying ‘hey smoking relaxes you and just one won’t hurt.’

Sound familiar?

See how both parts of the mind provide a conflicting message, both believing what they do for you is beneficial to you. This is where hypnosis is really helpful. We are able to negotiate with both of those parts to adopt new roles that really are helpful to you.

Registered Melbourne Hypnotherapist Center

Hypnotherapy is not going to stop you thinking about smoking or whatever it is that is impacting upon your life, however what it does is, allows you to accept those thoughts, remove the emotion associated with the thoughts and give the mind strategies, tips and techniques to distract the mind to think of other things or accept those thoughts without them developing into unhelpful habits, behaviours or patterns that affect your life in a negative or uncomfortable fashion.

Many issues, even things like headaches and travel sickness can have a strong psychological connection, which is why hypnotherapy can be an excellent tool and method of therapeutic intervention that can be really helpful and offer relief to many of the issues and symptoms that are affecting your ability to live a quality of life of your choice.

Melbourne Hypnotherapy

To alleviate many fears and locate coping strategies to change your mindset and therefore your emotions associated with certain people, occasions or situations you may wish to have a leading professional and registered Melbourne hypnotherapist from CaS Therapy right here in Newport, just 10 minutes out of the city to be your guide and assistant to overcome those unhelpful feelings and emotions that can hold you back.

CaS Therapy therapists have helped, are helping and will continue to help many people just like you and we are here and ready to help you in a safe, private and confidential setting, feel free to call our center and discuss your needs today.


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