Registered Melbourne Hypnotherapy Centre

Leading Hypnotherapy in Melbourne Centre, CaS Therapy is here to help you.
Our focus is to help and guide you to release old hurts, habits, behaviours and patterns to enable you to focus on living a life now. A life that can be enriched and empowering with internal control and contentment.

Is it time to STOP dreaming and procrastinating about changing your life?

Make the plans, seek the help and just DO IT!

Yes! This life is not a dress rehearsal. This is It!  How much of it have you already wasted, thinking about and putting things off until tomorrow.

Melbourne HypnotherapyLet’s say we live on average 80 years.

Create 80 boxes, then cross off how many you have already used or wasted.

SO how many remain for you to achieve what it is you require from your life.

Do you find that is a little confronting?

Now is your time to act!

Melbourne Hypnotherapy Centre For Weight Loss just could be the missing link in your self-care and self-development program.

Weight Loss Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic

Do you ever feel like you are in conflict internally? Part of you wants to work hard and achieve, whilst other parts want to rest and play. There probably needs to be time set aside for both parts without the constant interruptions from the other parts. With the help and assistance of our best hypnotherapy melbourne and Ego State Therapy team we can help, assist and guide those parts to an internal resolution. Where when it is time to play the work parts do not interfere and allow the play parts to have fun and recharge the system and then have the play parts agree to allow the dedicated work parts to remain efficient and focused on work, given both internal parts clear boundaries and direction.

Many leading and professional athletes for example, such as Tiger Woods or Karrie Webb, put themselves in what they call “the zone.” to stay focused and on top of their golf game. This type of focus can easily be applied to life, with the assistance of hypnosis. Being akin to placing all of your thoughts, doubts and unhelpful self-criticisms into a large sieve and allowing only those that can assist you with your particular focus at that time to come through the sieve, so therefore pin pointing your focus point and placing you in “the zone.”

This type of focus is really helpful for students about to take their end of year exams. Many students, get themselves all worked up and take a nervous part into the exams, when the part that they need to take in with them is the calm, relaxed part that actually learn the information in the first place. The nervous part, can be left at the door and picked up on the way out of the examination room after the exam has been sat, that is of course, if that is helpful.

If now is the right time for you, call Cas, Heather or one of the therapists or staff at CaS Therapy today on (03) 9327 2293 to discuss how Melbourne hypnotherapy, counselling or Ego State Therapy can help and guide you to discover your own internal resolution.



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