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Cas is a Leading Qualified and Registered, Professional Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist and Founder of CAS Therapy which is a Combination of Conscious and Subconscious Therapies.

Cas has been in the therapy field for many years and has been in many private practices and community roles and of more recent times has opened the brand new private practice in Newport, Australia to cope with the ever expanding need to accommodate for the complete Hypnotic Gastric Banding Therapy to be undertaken all in the one premises.

Cas is one of the those people who has followed her passion and in doing so is constantly training and improving her knowledge and techniques to assist her in delivering to her clients, the absolute best available therapy and procedures that are available. Cas has an extensive knowledge base, due to her own passion and desire to learn, this ensures her clients are always receiving a therapy that is right and tailored for them.

Naturally, the passion that Cas has, must also be adopted by all the other therapists who are involved in the delivery of treatment at the CaS Therapy Practice, therefore ensuring the delivery of quality treatment and therapies, in a caring, friendly and supportive environment.

Are there other similar therapies?


YES! There most definately are. But this one is different and uniquely created by Cas, who has had 20 years plus experience in a variety of therapies.

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Cas is a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is Registered with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association and completed her Hypnotherapy Training at the Academy of Hypnotic Science where she received a “Certificate of Excellence” during her training.

Cas is a recognised therapy provider and Health Fund rebates are available for her services from many leading Australian Private Health Funds.

More information about Cas can be found on the “About Cas” page.

What would Cas know? >>>

I am often asked these days “What would you know about being overweight and how hard it is to lose it?” I even had one person add “look at you, you skinny thing, trying to tell me how to lose weight, you probably never have had a fat day in your life”

Well as Cas’ friends, family and the pictures below (that Cas have hidden away for years and wasn’t to sure that she wanted them to resurface again) testify, Cas has, and Cas does know what it is like to be overweight. Cas has fought the personal battle of weight, all through her childhood and into her 20′s. Cas does know what it is like to utilise the Power of the Mind to reduce her weight. Cas reached a weight of 132 kg (that is 290 lbs, which is over 20 stone). The pictures below show the weight increase and then the decrease to where she was able to fit into just one leg of a pair of pants that she had previously worn, that were quite firm fitting at the time.

Cas in her 20′s and then at 132kg Then Cas after she had reduced her weight to a healthy level And then Cas today, who has maintained that healthy weight

Comparing Cas today, some 15 to 20 years later, to the time that Cas was at her heaviest, it is hard to imagine that Cas was approximately twice her current weight. Imagine if you were to pick up the weight of another you and carry that weight around with you, all day, every day. Frightening isn’t it and hard to imagine, probably almost impossible to do for most of us.

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