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There are various health and healing centres in Newport and our Newport hypnotherapy centre is CaS Therapy. Many people who spend they lives caught up in daily activities, living, work, house chores and relationships can find it so relaxing to take some time for themselves and have hypnotherapy sessions in the comforts of their hypnotherapist rooms in Newport.

At Cas Therapy

There are several benefits of having hypnotic sessions where stress management is addressed non-aggressively, however pro-actively. Hypnosis is a procedure conducted by a professional hypnotherapist to communicate with the subconscious mind of the client. During this time the client is completely aware of everything that is taking place; this is contrary to common myths that hypnosis can generate an action from the one being hypnotized even without that person’s consent. There is absolutely no truth to that assumption, you are in total control at all times.

Hypnotherapy and Stress Levels

In hypnotherapy the work begins with the client discussing their stress levels or any other issues being encountered. Then pro-active planning is done by the client and the hypnotherapist to come up with a mutually agreed upon program. During the hypnotic session the hypnotherapist will allow the resurfacing of the subconscious mind where the client can remember unresolved conflicts and issues that need to be addressed.

Hypnosis Combined with Therapy

The client may or may not feel aware of what is happening, in fact, the hypnotherapist will communicate all the steps to be taken during the entire process and then the clients conscious and subconscious mind will engage in the roles necessary for the well being of the client. It is considered a pro-active process because clients can, if they choose voice out their feelings, emotions, opinions and other pent up thoughts and change the emotions associated with them. This is actually the objective of the hypnotic session – that is to allow clients to face whatever issues they need to work with head-on to resolve the issues they impacting on their day to day lives.

Powerful Suggestions

The hypnotherapist’s role is to facilitate the process and give suggestions on what and how to work with the issues. All in all, it is the client who makes the final decision. This is the reason why hypnotherapy is slowly becoming very popular not only in Newport, but all over the world. It gives clients that distinct sense of control and empowerment over issues in their own lives.

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