It is important for self-confidence to notice your thoughts.

Take note of the thoughts that you choose to follow.

Are your thoughts helpful or not helpful for you?

Validate your own thinking and thoughts and then choose to let those thoughts go, however, it is important to validate them first.

In today’s world, many people spend a lot of time in front of a screen, on social media not being social.

Statistics are showing that too much screen time can be detrimental to person’s mental health.

When utilising social media and screen time it is important to be aware and train yourself to be mindful, to stop and think of your thoughts and the harm your thinking may be creating for you.

Sitting home alone, surrounded by the computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Feeling lonely, feeling angry possibly, feeling cheated or even feeling hard done by.

Even feeling intimidated maybe.

The initial spark is not important.

You have that thought…

You choose to feed that thought…

Before too long that thought is out of control…


At this time, you may choose to share that thought with another, who instead of having you see that thought for what it is and how it began.

They add fuel to your thought, believing it is your reality.

It may be something you have imagined to be true or blown out of proportion in your own mind, by feeding a thought and making assumptions.

Awareness (Mindfulness if you want to be trendy about it)

As soon as you share…

As soon as you send…

As soon as you post…

It is no longer about YOU

It then becomes about the person or group of people you have chosen to take aim at.

Yes.. you are still hurt and angry and possibly many other emotions, and you are allowed to be all of them.

However you have a need to be careful about directing that hurt or anger toward other people, it is not okay to take aim at other people.

Such action can lead to being interrupted as slander, bullying and possibly incorrectly imply, accusing or judging another and without checking in on the facts of your own thinking, and this can be damaging for, not only yourself and your own self-confidence, but it can also affect other people.

So.. even home alone, behind your screen, you are connected to the outside world, even if you may feel extremely disconnected.

So.. BE CAREFUL… What you send.

BE CAREFUL…  What you post.

BE CAREFUL… What thought you fuel.

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