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Special Bonus #1

This information has been extracted from one of Heather’s Online
Business Training Program’s, the information is NOT specifically tailored for therapists, however, the information on how to easily obtain testimonials can easily be applied to ANY business.

Please keep in mind the legal and ethical requirements you have as a mental health practitioner if in doubt check with the code of ethics of the association you are registered with and/or your supervisor.

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Special Bonus #2

Compartmentalising Tool – The Present Stacker

Compartmentalising can be both good and bad, it is our very
own defense mechanism or a coping strategy.

When implemented in a workable way, you can work and manage
your life smoothly.

Click on the Image Below to Download the PDF Instructions.


Special Bonus #3

Decisional Analysis

The Decisional Analysis sheet will help your client and enforce their decision in the subconscious therapy component.

This tool may help to Identify and challenge old beliefs and obstacles for and with your client.

Click on the Image Below to Download the PDF Instructions.


Special Bonus #4

Keeping and Writing Effective Case Notes

This is a replay of a webinar that Cas previously hosted.

Writing and Keeping Effective Case Notes

In this webinar, Cas walks you through taking and keeping Case Notes.

Cas has years of experience writing notes and ensuring that they would stand up in a court of law. One day you may really wish you knew this information. Better to know it before you need it.

Click on the link below to gain access at no charge and enter the password you were given at the workshop to view the webinar free of charge.

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Special Bonus #5

Discover How to Effectively Unpack a Question

This is a replay of another webinar that Cas previously hosted.

Discover How to Effectively Unpack a Question Webinar

Cas has 25+ years of experience as a therapist and she knows how to unpack a question and go deeper. In this webinar, Cas shares some of what would normally take you years to discover.

Knowing and understanding the information in this webinar will help you to help people at a more in-depth level.

This information is the basis of long-term therapy.

Click on the link below to gain access at no charge and enter the password you were given at the workshop to view the webinar free of charge.

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Here is an EXTRA BONUS with a BUT!

We put together a lot of professional development courses and we have a lot of different requests and comments and hear many stories. So what we would like to do is get feedback from as many therapists as we possibly can about what they want, need and require from professional development.

We promise it is just a few short questions that will take you as little as a few minutes (unless you really want to go deep, but that is up to you).

We are giving you access to another tool that we have created with instructions, including video instruction, and a template to use.

This tool is one that Cas has developed from working with clients with Anger Management issues, however, it can be applied to any emotion.

Click on the Image Below to Get Instant Access to the Emotions Monitor Tool


of Copy and Paste this link into your browser and feel free to share this link on your Social Media networks:

When you are waiting for your tool to arrive, please take 5 minutes to complete our professional development quiz.

This is where you will continue to be rewarded whilst we gather the information we are looking to gather. Once the campaign officially starts this week, we will be giving away additional tools and resources to the best and most constructive answers to our Number One Question.

This will include tools, DVD’s, workshop tickets and more until the campaign has gathered those answers.

Further encouragement to assist, if your Social Media links deliver the most quiz responses, you too will be rewarded.

So… please take this link and share it with your colleagues.

WARNING: Please, we want you to make sure you are happy with what you are sharing, so check it out yourself first to ensure you are and then share away to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, whatever you like, providing it is legal and ethical.

Thanks for your help.

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