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Replay of the Most Recent Webinar

Working with Anxiety - Dr Nic Lucas

The Replay of the Working with Anxiety Webinar

Is Now Available, A description will be available here soon.

Nic’s book  “Finally Free” Outlines the Six Simple Steps How to Beat Anxiety and is available by clicking on the image below via Amazon.

Finally Free by Dr Nic Lucas

To view the entire replay of the Working with Anxiety webinar, click the click here to purchase image below.

The Working with Anxiety Webinar is Currently being offered for a Limited Time at No Charge and the offer to Join Nic and Tom which is explained at the end of the webinar, is also currently available. To claim a viewing of the webinar at no charge now, simply enter and apply “NICISFREENOW” in the Coupon Code at the Checkout.

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The AoD Webinar with a Focus on ICE
& the Therapies that Respond.

With our Special Guest Deb Chisholm

Deb is a Hepatitis C Clinical Nurse Consultant, as well as a hypnotherapist, ego state therapist, resource therapist and is currently working as an AoD Counsellor.

For a quick snap shot of the type of content and information presented in the webinar, simply view the video preview below.

To view the entire replay of this very informative and educational webinar, click here now.

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 The Secrets to Sleep Webinar

With our Special Guest Elizabeth Shannon

Secrets to Sleep Webinar

Currently Elizabeth is allowing us to run this webinar Free of Charge and in addition to that, Elizabeth is also extending the offer at the end of the webinar until the end of May.

To claim the 100% Discount, Simply enter and apply the coupon code “TILENDOFMAY” at the checkout.

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The 7 Biggest Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make as a Business Owner….

Working on this Replay, it will be available soon.

Joe Cicala Business Webinar

In this webinar Joe Explains:

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Discover What Supervision Really Is….

This Replay is NOW AVAILABLE and Whats more there is NO CHARGE at Present.

Just Follow the Link Below

Supervision Webinar - Cas Willow

In this webinar Cas guides you through what to look for in Supervision.

What your Supervisor needs to understand and What you need to understand as a Supervisor.

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Keeping and Writing Effective Case Notes

This Replay is Now Available.

Writing and Keeping Effective Case Notes

In this webinar Cas walks you through taking and keeping Case Notes.

Cas has years of experience writing notes and ensuring that they would stand up in a court of law. One day you may really wish you knew this information. Better to know it before you need it. Register for the Webinar Replay Now. If you have any questions after you have watched the webinar, please feel free to forward them through. Please note: this added service is only available to those who have viewed the webinar first.

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An Introduction to Resource Therapy

Working on this Replay, it will be available soon.

Resource Therapy Webinar

In this webinar Prof. Gordon Emmerson explains the Basics Behind Resource Therapy.

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For the closest and next Resource Therapy training go to:

ResourceTherapy International


The Secrets Behind Motivational Interviewing

This Replay is Now Available, a Description will be here soon, however if you wish to veiw the webinar now you can gain immediate access.

In this webinar Cas guides you through The Secrets Behind Motivational Interviewing

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Exploring ACT and Mindfulness

This Replay is Now Available.

Exploring ACT Webinar

Discover ACT and Mindfulness

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Discover How to Effectively Unpack a Question

This Replay Is Now Available.

Discover How to Effectively Unpack a Question Webinar

Cas Willow has 30 years experience as a therapist and she knows how to unpack a question and go deeper. In this webinar Cas shares some of what would normally take you years to discover.

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Key Steps to Discover the Power of the Questions

Includes Cas’ very own Spiralling Question Technique. If this is all you take from this webinar (and it won’t be) then it will be worth your while to attend.


In this webinar Cas guides you through:

Precise Questioning
Specific and Targeted Questioning
as well as Focused,
and Explorational Questioning.
And if you want and need more,
Cas will also discusses the
Stand Alone Questions
the Open and Closed Questions
Circular Questions
and the Question of all Questions the Magical Question.

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