Professional Development Workshops for Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists.

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Small Groups – Hands-On Workshops

In these workshops the content is always different.

Cas willingly shares the techniques and strategies that she has learnt and developed over her long and diverse 25 year plus career. So just imagine for a moment, how this unique opportunity could benefit your career. Some of the techniques Cas shares, she has learnt or discover years ago, then tested, adjusted and tweaked them to work effectively with her clients and then Cas shares the tweaked and reformed techniques with the attendees of these workshops. 

When you attend the Skills Enhancement Workshops you receive an explanation of the technique, as well as an explanation of the framework, followed by a hands-on demonstration, then you are supplied with any templates or tools that Cas utilises throughout the demonstration of the technique.

As Cas has a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision, when you attend these workshops with Cas, you are supplied with an attendance certificate that contributes to your careers professional development.

The next workshop is coming up on Thursday the 27th of March, 2014, which will be where Cas is sharing many more of her short and practical therapeutic tips, techniques and strategies, that you will be able to apply and utilise with your clients straight away.

The following workshop is scheduled for Monday the 2nd of June 2014 and this one is going to be a little different, as it will be split into two workshops, one in the morning, one in the afternoon or you can choose to attend both.

The Skills Enhancement Workshops are usually scheduled bi-monthly and bookings can be made online at

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