Drug and alcohol counsellors are busier than ever as drugs and alcohol are words that people of the 21st century usually find solace for their issues especially the young ones. The trouble is that they are not of any help; rather it opens a lot of doors to other predicaments. Drug addiction becomes very common issue as more and more people continue to use mistaking drug use for management of their issues.

The good news is that there is a way to prevent abuse from progressing to a full blown drug addiction. The best time to do this is during adolescence when the temptation to try new things is very high and the rate of influence is just as significant because of the rapid transition from childhood to early adulthood. In addition to these, any untoward incidences like peer pressure, separation or divorce in the family adds stress to an adolescent, which breeds the perfect environment to try and experiment with drugs and alcohol.

Hypnotherapy is one of the effective and science-validated methods used to influence the brains function, which is a positive approach for a teen under stress. This is conducted by a professional hypnotherapist in Melbourne in the privacy of a clinic setup. The objective is to work with the young client to allow negative thoughts and feelings to resurface, so that they can work with them appropriately.

Hypnosis for addiction is a tool that a hypnotherapist uses to promote relaxation of the mind and to train the brain on how to get rid of negative thoughts and to replace them with positive or constructive ones. This reverses the destructive environment into a productive and useful one. As an adolescent faces new life challenges like change of school, separation from old friends and meeting new ones, they will be equipped to make appropriate judgments and meaningful decisions in life.

Holistic counseling can be a useful tool in preventing abuse and addiction and also promotes overall health and well-being. It also allows them to gain control over their feelings and emotions that significantly improves their mental and psychological function and development of their social behaviour.

During the process and pre-talk for hypnosis for addiction, the advantages and disadvantages of drugs and alcohol are explored and discussed thoroughly to make sure the adolescent understands the consequences of its use or misuse. They are guided to understand that the emotional high will only last temporarily while the effects to the brain are likely to last a lifetime. It includes disruption of the functions of their memory, judgment, perception, learning, motivation and behaviour control.

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