Truth About Virtual Gastric Banding

Virtual Gastric Banding (VGB) is now a popular method in loosing weight among many people. It is especially popular among those people who prefer a non-invasive approach to get rid of the excess pounds.

Hypnotherapists utilize hypnosis to make the brain to believe that an individual actually underwent a virtual gastric banding surgery. A virtual environment will be created to mimic an actual lap banding surgery, which will include the sound and the smell of an actual operating room setting. The entire virtual operation will be supervised by a hypnotherapist who will conduct hypnosis to make brain training suggestions to the subconscious mind. The objective of the procedure is to make the brain to believe that an actual surgery took place and as a result had made the stomach smaller in size than before.

The entire procedure is supervised by a professional hypnotherapist and there would be no aggressive procedures to be done. This makes the procedure very safe to use. Unlike surgical gastric banding, virtual gastric banding does not pose any serious complications. Risks from a surgical gastric banding that will be avoided include: infection, gastric ulceration, gastric irritation, and gastric erosion, which would lead to bleeding, gastric obstruction due to slippage or misplacement of the band.

New Hope for Weight Loss

Clients who feel that they have used every method, but have failed time and time again in their desire to lose weight may opt to undergo virtual gastric banding. This method is also recommended for people who find it difficult to follow strict exercise programs and harsh diet plans, and may benefit from the brain training hypnotic sessions. This method is also for clients who already have a diet or exercise program, but wish to have an adjunct program to boost their weight loss plan.

There are no known limitations to who can undergo hypnotic gastric banding. In fact, people who may be suffering from other medical conditions like diabetes may benefit from the procedure. People with heart ailments who are on a strict diet plan or are prohibited to do rigorous exercises can also take advantage of the brain training hypnosis to motivate them to live healthier and stress-free lives.

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