What exactly is virtual reality therapy you might ask? Virtual reality therapy or VRT, is a very unique form of therapy that is designed to help people overcome various anxiety disorders. It is unique in the fact that it exposes the patient to the feared situation in a calm and controlled manner. This kind of controlled exposure allows the therapist to manipulate the environment depending upon the patients needs. Doing this kind of work within the safe environment of the therapists office can be a life changing experience for many people.

What can it be used for?

Virtual reality isn’t just for the movies anymore and it is increasingly being used across offices all over the world to help patients overcome debilitating issues. Prior to virtual therapy, therapists would simply expose patients gradually to the fear or phobia, which would in turn help patients overcome fears in a controlled manner. In a simulated environment, the patient has much more control and the exposure is not as overwhelming as it would be in the real environment. This kind of therapy has a myriad of uses including any kind fear or phobia or even various cognitive or physical impairments. Virtual therapy can help someone overcome anxiety disorders, fear of public speaking, claustrophobia, panic disorders or even post-traumatic stress due to motor vehicle accidents or other types of causes.

How does it work?

Virtual reality therapy teaches patients how to cope better by exposing them little by little to the stressful environment. The therapist will most likely begin by having a consultation where they can delve into the history and the probable cause. There will more than likely be several sessions, so the work can be done on a gradual level. There really are no limits when it comes to the kind of issues VRT can solve, because a computer can be designed or programmed for many different types of environments or issues. VRT is a safe, effective and very innovative solution for those who suffer from various disorders. It offers the patient much more control than they would typically have in the real world and this fact alone might just be one of the reason VRT works so well. Virtual reality therapy works by essentially immersing someone in the feared environment, helping them get used to stressful situations little by little. It offers clients a way to face situations head on in a much more controlled environment helping them overcome issues they cannot face in the real world. VRT is very empowering for people, and it can offer hope for someone who has tried everything else to no avail. VRT can be used for many types of issues including issues such as addiction, depression and even insomnia. Virtual reality therapy is a wonderful form of therapy that can work miracles for someone facing an adverse condition because it can give someone the hope and encouragement they need to move forward.


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