All the talk of eating healthy and exercising will only play a small part in assisting the majority of overweight and obese people, what they need is to simply change their language and re-program their old belief systems. Thus embracing a mind shift to a new weigh (way) of life. Thus bringing about permanent change.

Lets start with the word “Lose” for example – Yes, it is just a word, however it IS a very powerful word.
This single word is one of the BIGGEST problems. We give words, thoughts and feelings and therefore we give them POWER!

The basics is that you do not want to tell your mind and body that you have LOST anything. Food for thought – think about this. When you lose something – for example your car keys , you go into a frantic panic and search for them, leaving no stone unturned until you find them. Same thing with Losing Weight We tell ourselves we are losing weight, others notice we have lost weight and so often when we reach our goal weight we then go into the grief, loss, seek and find process. Hence the Yo-Yo diet pattern.
We need to also educate the community to Change their Language to Change their Outcome.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

We work with and focus on a weight management program, where the weight just simply drips away, it is not about dieting, deprivation or losing anything, it is about what is right and healthy for you.

A well known daytime television presenter is known for disputing that weight issues are associated with emotions.

BUT STOP – Think about when we eat.
– When we are sad
– When we are happy
– When we are bored
– When we celebrate
– When we commiserate.
ALL Emotional Situations.

Another well known celebrity the big “O” – Yes Oprah, opening admits her eating issues are associated with emotions. Oprah is true to herself and seeks to continue to work on the core issues.

We need to rid ourselves of old belief systems like:

  • Eat everything on your plate
  • Can’t waste food
  • I’m big – I will always be big.
  • We are all big in our family – it is just in our genes
  • Sweets as a reward for eating all of our food
  • Alcohol and food at the end of the day, because I work hard and deserve it.

We need to focus on – Eating Healthy, Being Healthy, Thinking Healthy, Living Healthy, these are the Basic Elements to a New Weigh of Life. Weight then just drips away.

YES – You need to Change.
But that change can be simple – Once you make the decision to change, the body and mind accept and move into the “How”

Train to Change – Change Thinking Patterns, Feeling Patterns, Eating Patterns and Living Patterns and then we will bring about permanent change.

We can eat foods that we like – it is like everything in life – it is just about moderation, food combinations and portion sizes.
– small amounts to refuel the body and to give it energy.

Question to ask self is : When are you going to STOP treating your body like a rubbish bin?
Yes a rubbish bin, we fill it to over flowing, throw in scraps, leftovers and rubbish. Half the time we don’t even consider what we throw in.

People need to think about what they are eating, bring it to the most important decision you are making and begin to treat our body like our most precious and prized possession, that it truly is.

Therefore it is not just about Food and Exercise, it needs to include Thoughts and Attitude as well.

People need to understand and educate themselves with what the body needs when they think it is craving sugars or sweets.

I not only work with overweight and obese, I also work with other eating disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia and my success is achieved by guiding them to control their thoughts and feelings.

People have a Choice
To succeed is to change the thought of depravation.

I really want people to know that there is a way to permanent change – to live a quality, rich life. Many obese people have lost hope and I want to share with then that there IS hope, and that it CAN be achieved without surgery, that they CAN live a healthy life and not have to struggle all of the time.

Life can easily be Balanced, Happy and Fun.

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