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The Benefits and Risks of Weight Loss Surgery That You Need To Know

Weight loss surgery is one of the options available to those who want to lose body weight. Because of its many risks, it is advised that it should be considered as the very last option when all the other alternatives have failed totally or have not yielded the desired or expected results. There are various types of weight loss surgery but they are all aimed at limiting the amount of food that one can take in.

Some other types of weight loss surgery can also affect the way in which one‘s body digests food, and the body absorbs nutrients. All these types have complications and risks such as blood clots, hernias and infections, among many others. The cost of some of these surgeries can also be prohibitive since many health insurers do not cover them and the patient may have to bear the cots out of their own pocket.

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Many studies also show that, most people lose weight very quickly after the surgery but later on regain some weight.  Thus, weight loss surgery alone cannot be an effective solution to weight loss because it only provides temporary but not permanent solution.  Even weight loss experts recommend that surgery for weight loss should be combined with exercises and lifestyle as dietary change if it is to be effective.  After surgery for weight loss, you may also need regular medical checkups for the rest of your entire life on earth. Again, this is inconveniencing.

So, what is the way forward?

Because in the process of solving the problem of body weight gain, weight loss surgery causes many other side effects, and exposes one to the risk of various other health complications, it is not recommended. There are many other safer, alternatives which have been tested and found to work well. An example is hypnosis for weight loss. This is a non –invasive method of weight loss, which if applied well produces permanent results.

Because it is non-invasive, it does not expose one to the risk of heath complications the way surgery does. Hypnosis is a natural, effective technique of accessing the human subconscious mind; which is the key to the unleashing of our individual potential, making it possible to change habits and behaviours that are unwanted, including uncontrolled or unprecedented body weight, and finding solutions to our concerns and problems.

With hypnosis for weight loss, no drugs will be administered. Instead, you will work with a hypnotherapist to explore your subconscious mind and find the solution of how to overcome the weight gain problem.

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