‘Your body hears everything that your mind says’ Naomi Judd

Our mind has an all-encompassing influence over our physical health. According to a popular article published in the New York Times, Kirsten Ritchie recovered much faster from a brain tumour than his surgeon anticipated – all due to the fact that he underwent hypnotherapy before surgery. If you want to shed weight the healthy way, the first place you have to induce change is in your mind. Some people have the willpower to do it. They can say no to chocolate ice-cream and stick to their fitness regimen day in and day out. Such people have a positive and strong mindset.

Unfortunately, not all of us are endowed with the same mental makeup. We may find it difficult to resist fatty, sugary food and may not be able to summon up the motivation to stick to exercise schedules. Our subconscious is firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating our reality. So, if the subconscious mind tells you that you lack self-confidence or have a poor body image, these distorted perceptions will come in the way of successful and healthy weight loss. The truth is that although we receive sensory inputs from the external world in terms of sights, sounds etc, ultimately, it’s how the mind interprets those signals.

For example, the feeling of stress or anxiety may be perceived as the signal to eat. Hypnotherapy can help you recreate your relationship with food and eating. It’s only when you change your thoughts at the inner level that your body follows suit and starts to obey the mind. Thus, it’s crucial that your mind is equipped with positive, empowering thoughts. So, ‘whatever I do, I will always look fat’ can morph to ‘When I eat right, my body stays healthy’. How we think of ourselves and how we perceive the whole idea of eating plays a critical role in Hypnotherapy weight loss management.

Changing deeply ingrained thought processes can prove to be an uphill task. Try as we might, sometimes tenacious patterns can be extremely challenging to replace. This is where professional therapy comes in useful. Hypnotherapy at www.caswillow.com can help you understand your inner motivations and beliefs.

Most importantly, you will understand the negative perceptions that are holding you back from losing weight.

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